February 28, 2021

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TechMarketTips is a premium technology blog. If Guest Bloggers want to submit your articles,you are at the correct place. TechMarketTips has a lot of space to post your articles. We accept guest posts(write for us) and sponsored posts.

If you have great ideas or if you can write attractive posts for our blog, we are ready to accept it.

Write For Us | Submit Guest Post

If you are genuinely interested in submitting the original articles/content,please send an email to [email protected]. All the irrelevant emails will be ignored and considered as spam.

Write For Us Technology

We are looking for exclusive content on the below topics. If you have ultimate content on the mentioned topics, we will post it on our website without any second thought.

  • Information Technology (IT), Data Science,VPN, Network
  • Technology News And Updates,Digital Trends,Gadgets, 
  • Mobile Apps – Android And iOS Apps, Reviews And Ratings
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine learning (ML) Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Blockchain, Cryptocurrency,Analytics, Data Science
  • Cybersecurity,  Ethical Hacking
  • Cloud Computing, DevOps And BigData
  • Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR) And Mixed Reality (MR),Holographics And Oleophobic Displays
  • Internet,Telecommunication, Science and Technology, Managed Services
  • VOIP, 4G, 4G LTE, and 5G, LTE, VoLTE.
  • Web Technologies (Javascript, React JS, AngularJS,  jQuery etc.)
  • Software Programming & Instructions
  • Business News And Updates
  • Digital Marketing:SEO, Technical SEO, & SEO Audit Tools,Social Media Marketing, Online Marketing Tools,WordPress Themes & Plugins,Blogging Tips & Tricks,Growth Hacking
  • Infographics, Case Studies And Checklists
  • Top 10’s and Top 20’s
  • Robotic Process Automation (RPA), Smart Home Automation And Security Systems

Product Reviews  

Reviews : You can submit your own reviews or We are interested in writing the reviews for following.

Mobile applications : ios and android.

Electronic devices: Laptops,Computers,Mobiles,Cameras,Tablets,HDTVs,Speakers,Headphones,Ebook Readers.

Any other software and technology related products.

What We Publish : Write For Us

We only publish articles with 600-2500 words including one image. Image should be very clear with appropriate size. Article should be one of the above mentioned topics. Even the links should be relevant to the topics.

How To Submit Guest Post : Write For Us

It’s very easy to submit your content on TechMarketTips. Just send an email with your content in the google doc file with one image.

Please mention the subject line as a guest post.

Send an email to : [email protected]

Submit Articles With Good Qualities

Step1: A pro written content / Content written by an expert.

Step2: A structured article with great ideas.

Step3: Your article should fit into a technology blog like TechMarketTips.

Step4: Images should be relevant with full clarity.

Step5: Your article should attract our visitors.

We Will Publish Your Article : Write For Us

Once we receive the content through email,one of our editors will check the content thoroughly.If you article matches the guidelines, we will post your article on our website/blog. As you submit your content to our website, we post it on our website once the required changes are done.


  • Content should be Unique and at least 500+ words.Make sure the content is free from copyrights.
  • Content should have TITLE of 70 characters.
  • 1-2 links will be an advantage. One for your home page and other for any internal page.
  • Send us a relevant HD quality image free from the copyrights.
  • Content should have at least 2 subheadings
  • You can include author BIO. Add social media links like facebook,instagram,twitter,Linkedin


  • If it includes any affiliate links.
  • Linking to the low quality website or blog.
  • Stock photos which are irrelevant to your content.
  • Don’t over promote your content or your products.Be casual.
  • Keyword focused links will be removed.

Backlink Rules : Write For Us

Backlinks are very important.We are ready to offer backlink/dofollow link with following conditions.

  • Maximum 1 link for one content.
  • Add that link in the Bio Section of the author.
  • All the links in the article will be checked and removed if they are not needed.

Links We Don’t Allow

It does not matter,if you have high quality content,we will ignore if you provide links to low quality/spammy/fishy website.

Bad Examples

1.Services to buy followers and likes.

2.Links which are not related to technology blog.

If You Ignore Guidelines For Dofollow Backlinks

1.We will ignore your article.

2.As mentioned,we accept only 2 links.We will try to remove the other links.

3.We will remove all other links which are not required or irrelevant to our blog.

Author Bio

1.Add some lines about yourself/product/company/etc

2.Add one social media profile(facebook/twitter/instagram)


Don’t copy your content. It is very easy to find out if the content is copied. We use plagiarism tools to check your content.Once we post the content on our website, TechMarketTips will become the owner of that content.

Your Rights After Submission

By submitting your article, you are agreed to the above guidelines and guest posting with us.

Our Contribution To Your Work

Our editors will check content and all the links that are provide in the content. They will make all the relevant changes and submit content on TechMarketTips.

Third Party Article 

Sometimes we receive the article with the same headings/titles. At that time,we will inform you or we will make slight changes in title. Same with the backlinks.

Template For Article Submission

  • Title And Headings.
  • Content should be more than 600+ words.
  • Sub headings, if the content is big.
  • High quality image. Don’t add image in the content. Add as an attachment in the email.
  • Author bio with one social media link.

10 Steps For Guest Posting: Write For Us

Step1: Content should be very clear with 600+ words.

Step2: We want high quality content without spelling and grammatical mistakes.

Step3: Content should be unique and original(100%).

Step4: If the content is big,just divide it using subheadings.

Step5: Images should be more than 800px and 500kb size.

Step6: Please check your external links

Step7: Capitalize the first letter of headings/titles/subheadings.

Step8: Write for us on the above mentioned topics

Step9: Dont over promote your product.

Step10: Add author bio with one social media link.

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