December 4, 2022


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cyber attacks 2020

Cyber Attacks On Video Game Industry | Cyber Attacks 2020

The world of video games is not spared from computer attacks / cyber attacks 2020 either. Gaming platforms, including Steam, Sony Playstation, Nintendo Switch, and Microsoft Xbox, are easy targets for cybercriminals looking for online resources to profit. Considering that many times children and adolescents are in front of the screens, protecting equipment is doubly important and necessary.

In many of these systems, purchases can be made inside the game, which can cause financial damage to users, in the event of a cyber attacks. And the risks are even higher if the breach occurs on poker game sites or online casinos, where real money bets can be made. It is very important that the user is aware of the risks that exist and that the proper safety tools and practices are applied.

cyber attacks 2020
cyber attacks 2020

Cyber Attacks 2020 : Measure to prevent hacking

To prevent cybercriminals from entering your gaming account, it is possible to take a series of measures. It is well known that you have to be careful with suspicious emails and messages, but still, you must always remember. Phishing attacks are mainly carried out with fake emails and neither company nor provider will ask you to share your passwords in a message. Also, all payment transactions must be done securely on official sites. Be careful with Cyber Attacks 2020.

A strong password is one of the best weapons to fight against attacks. You can use a password manager. At least use a phrase, which is easy to remember but more difficult to guess or decipher than a single word. Protecting computers is another key to preventing a “malwareattack. You must install antivirus software on all devices, a measure recommended by the National Police. In this way, having the most suitable antivirus ensures complete defense against all kinds of threats, even while browsing and shopping online. Panda Security offers different protection plans that are adapted to the customer’s needs.

Two-step verification

It is one of the methods that has become the most popular in recent years. Its operation consists in that each login requires verification through the mobile phone. So that, even if the password has been stolen, hackers do not have the opportunity to access the account.

Another tip is to avoid public Wi-Fi as much as possible or at least use a secure network or a VPN (virtual private network). There are a large number of VPN apps for PC, as well as iOS and Android devices that you can download. And as an additional measure, there are some services that allow you to check recent activity with your accounts. For example, Nintendo offers an access history with data such as the date, time and place of connection. If you have suspicions about unusual activity, you can go to these control spaces. It is useful for taking measures such as those mentioned above.

Nintendo switch

A good number of users have reported illegal access to their Nintendo Switch accounts in recent weeks. In some cases, the hacking has also been accompanied by unauthorized purchases within the games. The company is investigating the situation and they underscore the importance of two-stage verification.

They also remember that anyone who suspects unauthorized access to their account should contact them through their website. The only real damage identified so far appears to have affected people who have PayPal linked to their account. Hackers have used this link to purchase Fortnite VBucks and other items available in game.