December 4, 2022


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zoom cloud meetings for employees

Zoom Cloud Meetings | Security issues found in Zoom Video Communications

Zoom meeting during work from home

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, employees all over the world started working from home.For the meetings,people started using the zoom app, which is a video calling app. Zoom meeting are increased all over the world. But the recent news is that,zoom app has some security issues.Let’s look into it.

Video calling applications are the big winners of home confinement times. Skype, Microsoft Teams, HouseParty or Zoom have multiplied their downloads in the virtual stores of Google and Apple.

A success that has sparked the interest of cybercriminals . This week, HouseParty has been peppered with a hoax on social networks and that the company itself, along with the National Police, has denied.

zoom cloud meetings
zoom video communication for employees

Americans using Zoom app

Worse luck is the American Zoom . This app is being the queen these days for its use and also for the bad news that it is raising every day. One of the first scares came with the fine print of his privacy. Zoom collects a large amount of data with third parties. Among the information stored by the United States is the name, email, telephone number, and even the physical address .

This week, security experts have uncovered another weak point: the security of their video calls . This app is ideal for virtual meetings, it allows up to 100 participants, and its creators ensure that there is “end-to-end encryption”.

This level of protection assumes that Zoom developers would not be able to decrypt conversations. This encrypts conversations, as happens on Whatsapp for example, and if the call is intercepted, criminals will only receive disconnected data.

Following research from The Intercept, the makers of Zoom downgraded the level of end-to-end security to TLS encryption. In other words, the application sends the video data of the call to the server.Which decrypts it and encrypts it again to send it to the other users in the conversation. On that journey, video calls reach Zoom’s servers unencrypted, making it the perfect time for cyber criminals to access information.

Calvary week does not end. This Wednesday, Bleeping Computer claims that there is a vulnerability in the app that allows hackers to access Windows login data. Each participant in video conferences has access to a chat and when sending a message with a URL to share, it becomes a hyperlink.

According to the Bleeping Computer experts, the user converts the same Windows network UNC paths into a clickable link. An open door so that anyone with certain internet knowledge can access the folders on the computer .