September 30, 2020

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Wifi Tricks To Fix

Wifi Tricks To Fix And Make Your Wifi Connection More Fast

Wifi Recommendations

The fact that your home’s Wi-Fi is malfunctioning is completely normal and in most cases the problem is not solved by hiring more bandwidth since in many cases the problems are due to how we have configured the Wifi network or obstacles present in our own home

On paper, in theory, a modern Wifi is capable of having a speed of 1Gbps. However, it is an ideal case that most of the time is not met.

However, taking into account the recommendations that we bring you in this article and some small changes, we can improve or fix the Wi-Fi in our house .


Placing the router well is a good starting point to avoid problems like Wifi. As we will see below, there are numerous obstacles and impediments at home that can be annoying.

Another thing you can try to do before anything else is to configure Google DNS, which may give you more speed .


It is common for microwaves to cause interference to your Internet connection if you are hooked through a Wi-Fi network .

The culprit of this is the electromagnetic frequency in which these devices work: about 2.4 gigahertz. A spectrum similar to that of Wifi .


Baby monitors, cordless landlines, surveillance webcams and even some television monitors and screens also operate in a frequency spectrum similar to Wifi and cause interference.

If you want to prevent your Internet connection from suffering, it is best to move your computer and router away from these devices.


These appliances are the worst with the wifi of your home and their electrical connections are not the problem. The real enemy of the waves in this case is the water that their pipes contain, which blocks part of the energy of your wireless waves.

Although in no case they will make your connection not work, if it can influence that it loses power, and its performance drops.


Stone, cement, marble, bricks and plaster, in short most of the materials from which the walls of a house are built, act as a barrier that blocks the passage of Wifi networks.

This is especially evident in large dwellings or where they are spread over several heights.


Decorative lights, such as those placed at Christmas, usually generate electromagnetic fields. These fields cause interference and may affect the quality of the Internet connection. Although, of all the threats described in this article, this would be the slightest.


Metal built furniture is the best barrier against the waves of your Wifi. It is one of the material that offers the highest level of interference from everyone you have at home. Something similar, although to a lesser extent, happens with the crystal.

If your router or your computer are on a metal cabinet or with mirrors, you will most likely experience a slower connection than you should and, perhaps, it would be convenient to change them.

In short, these materials work as a shield that hinders, and even prevents the passage of, the waves of your Wifi.