December 3, 2022


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Who Is On My Wifi Network | Wireless Networks | Modem Routers

Who Is On My Wifi Network

Failures on a WiFi network can be due to a wide variety of reasons. From a simple connection problem, to a bad router location . However, when we notice that the internet speed is not as expected, it is also possible that one of our neighbors has managed to access the connection and is using it on their devices. There are ways, more or less complicated, to find out. One of them goes through the use of an application . There are applications that allow any user to easily access the list of connected equipment. One of them is “Who is on my wifi network“, they explain from Movistar.

Check Wifi Network

It is also possible to check it by opening a browser with the specific address of the WiFi (generally, or and see all the movements. If a device that is not ours appears in the list, there you are right. The problem with someone without our permission accessing the router, beyond losing speed, is that an inappropriate configuration of the wireless network “. It can allow an attacker to steal the information we transmit,” experts from the Security Office say in a statement. of the Internet user (OSI).

Who Is On My Wifi : Find Out

In case of doubt, Movistar also recommends making changes to the password. Likewise, they remember that the password with which the Wi-Fi comes from the factory must be changed by the individual. If this is not modified we run serious risks. Because the intruder could have access to the Wi-Fi control panel and take control of our network. Sometimes, simply by looking at the router’s home interface, you can find out which username and password it has by default by doing a search in a search engine.

wifi - network
wifi – network

On the other hand, the More Mobile operator points out that there is also the possibility that the neighbor’s network is interfering with that of the user : If our neighbors have a router in their house, it can cause the frequency channels to be similar. This causes that in both cases we are assigned to a lower speed in our WiFi.

Modem Routers

It is possible, although it may not seem like it, to connect to the least crowded channels . “Sometimes, in the administration page of your router, there is an option called channel control that is used to choose one of the channels in which your router can operate”.

Modern routers can be configured to automatically find the best channel for the network and analyze. From a map, the saturation to be able to choose the one that best suits the user’s needs. This is something that can be easily verified from digital services installed on mobiles. These are some of the basic steps on how you can find out your wifi users. Sometimes your wifi will be slow when the users increase. So this will help you to find and disable wifi to your users.