September 25, 2022


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What Can An IP Address Reveal About You And How You Can Be Safe?

What Can An IP Address Reveal About one person?

As routerlogin app reports, if someone can get your IP address, then they can know about your connection from which you are connected but cannot get your location. In some cases, they can get the name of your city or your nearby area but not your physical address. 
But the Internet service provider or the ISP has your details of online logs and your history. If someone is engaged in illegal activities online, then a law enforcement agency can get a court order to get access to your information through your ISP, which will be used as evidence in court. Taking care of your IP Address can be hectic. Follow this IP Login guide on our website to login to the default IP Address of your router device. If a hacker gets your IP address, then they can try to connect to your device directly. The hacker will brute-force your connection. Once they get access to your device, they can steal your data or even impersonate you.

How Can You Be Saved?

Some precautionary methods must be taken to save yourself from hackers on the internet. They can make your data or your credit card details and much more. 

Some ways to guard yourself against IP address hack are:

Create unique passwords: adding strong and different passwords can help in making difficult decoding, which will safeguard your device against IP hacking. You can use a combination of upper and lower case and use of numerals and special characters too. Avoid using your weak or default password, which can be vulnerable to attack.

Use Virtual Private Network (VPN): 

VPN is the safest mode of using the internet. VPN gives you an encrypted way to all your online activities, and nobody can get access to your data or your network. It disguises your actual identity and helps you use internet services and thus eliminating chances of spying.

Restrict All Your Apps: 

Cybercriminals may use calling or messaging apps as a tool to hack your device. You must change settings from public to private. This can help as only those who are in your contact list can see your details. Also, avoid picking up calls from unknown numbers. As soon as you connect to the call, they can access your device and location. This could result in IP address hacking.

Phishing Emails: 

Many malware or device tracking software can be installed on your device using phishing emails. After connecting to these emails or websites, we unknowingly allowed hackers to get access to our IP address and device location. It is advised not to open any anonymous emails or click on any unauthorized website links. Also, look for the content you are downloading from your email or any website. Many malware can hide even under the name of big websites.

Installing antivirus in your device: 

An extra layer of security is always required to protect you from hackers. Therefore it is imperative to install an antivirus or antimalware software on your device. It detects any ambiguity in receiving any fraudulent or malware related information. Also, they let you know about any phishing activity on your device and provide you maximum protection from it.

Change To A Dynamic IP Address: 

Static IP can be open to hacking. So it is advised to change your IP address settings to Dynamic. It is done as dynamic changes its IP address regularly. A Static IP address is often used by gamers or people who host their website. It can provide an extra layer of protection.

You don’t know hackers can quickly get your data, which can be used against you. Sometimes they attack a large part of the area or society and get your complete information, which can be a threat to you or your family. 

So, it’s essential to protect yourself from such scams. If a hacker is not able to get your data or your location, then they can mix things up or delete your data. Nowadays, they are looking for many different techniques to hack into your device. 
Therefore it is imperative to secure your data and use the methods mentioned above to save yourself from these fraudulent activities.