December 4, 2022


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Update Chrome

Update Chrome: Google fixes a critical security flaw

The update solves a security hole that allowed malicious users to control other people’s computers through the browser.

Update Chrome

The new Chrome 88 browser update shared by Google fixes a zero-day vulnerability that was being exploited by cyber attackers.

Google has released version 88.0.4324.150 of the Chrome search engine for Windows, Mac and Linux. It will corrects a zero-day vulnerability , a flaw in software security that is unknown to users and manufacturers of the product.

This zero-day vulnerability was described as a “stack overflow” memory corruption bug in the V8 engine for JavaScript . The threat is that, until a patch is designed to fix it, cyber attackers exploit the vulnerability and take advantage of the security flaw by attacking software, data, systems or other equipment.

In a statement , Google explained that the software bug was exploited in various attacks before a security researcher, Mattias Buelens, reported the problem on January 24 and it was tracked as CVE-2021-21148 .

Two days after Buelens’ report, Google’s security team released a statement on attacks carried out by North Korean hackers against the cybersecurity community. Some of these attacks consisted of luring security researchers to a blog where cyber attackers took advantage of Chrome’s zero-day vulnerability to run malware on their systems.

Due to the proximity of both events, as reported by ZDNet , some researchers believe that CVE-2021-21148 was used in those attacks. But Google has not disclosed any details about how the vulnerability has been exploited.

Users are advised to use Chrome 88’s built-in update feature to update their browser to the latest version as soon as possible . This can be done in the Chrome menu, the ‘Help’ option and in the ‘About Google Chrome’ section.