December 4, 2022


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Technology In Young People – Advantages, Benefits And Damages

Technology In Young People

The technological world ceased to be a dream to become a reality. With certain devices that we can have in our home, we only need to throw a question out loud for a machine to give us the answer, without the need for us to look for the answer in a book, not even on the computer.

All adults and most young people, from an early age, have mobiles. This allows them to be in contact with their parents and other family members, but it also has a serious impact on their learning.

For an adult who has lived beyond the technology we know now, although he may feel a certain dependence on new devices, he has learned to function without them. 

We do not exaggerate when we say that young people today would not know how to live without a mobile phone . They have grown up with digital technology and have adopted it as a part of them. Watching social networks disappear would make them something terrifying.

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Benefits Of Technology In Young People

Before seeing the negative impact of technology on your children, you must recognize the positive points of this and how they have helped many young people who have used it correctly.

In the end, everything that moves through the Internet can benefit us if we know how to use it properly . The problem appears when there is no control of the places where our children navigate and if they cannot set a limit at the time of using, for example, their mobile phones.

Without a doubt, having Internet at home means a saving in the family economy , especially as far as education is concerned. We have to remember decades ago, before the Internet was at the hands of almost everyone, that when there was a need to review a book it was necessary to visit the library. Now, through the web, we have digital libraries and online encyclopedias, both of which save us in the purchase of books, in addition to the time that would involve moving to a public library.

We must also have the proliferation of online education , which is cheaper compared to face-to-face education. But, according to many analysts, it does not seem to be as effective as expected.

In recent decades it has been necessary to simplify teaching . This can be checked if we review a textbook from the 90s and compare it with a current one. We will see how the texts have been reduced to give way to schemes, which do not always provide enough information for an adequate reasoning of the subject.

In each one you are using the web for your good. It is true that many young and old people use the network to expand our knowledge and even to prepare ourselves for work, as it makes it easier for us to take courses and learn new trades.

The problem arises when technology becomes an addiction and, far from helping our youth improve their quality of life, it only makes it worse.

Damages Due To Technological Advance

We have seen the quality of the devices improve in the last decade in an incredible way. This improvement could be an advance for the benefit of all human beings or, at least, that has always been intended.

If we analyze it in detail, appreciating the benefits of the young people mentioned earlier, there have undoubtedly been many advantages. But to these we must add the consequences of leading a world full of leisure , through technology, and not being able to fully control what our children do.

The attention deficit has been a very common problem in a considerable percentage of young children. This has been due to various reasons, among which a higher rate of cases with young people with hyperactivity, as well as an increase in cases of high performance or functioning autism.

Unfortunately, the attachment of young people to social networks has led to a deficit of attention that, although it is different from the other cases exposed, could be easily corrected, limiting the use of mobile devices. But this is not always so simple, especially if it is the digital age in which we live.

The web is a world that is too complex for many millennial parents . There is no denying that most boys understand new technologies better than their parents. They seem, sometimes, geniuses, but most do not take advantage of this knowledge to continue learning and training academically. Only a minority choose to take a step beyond leisure, to become professionals in one of the multiple areas offered by digital technology .

Today we start talking about technology in young people as an addiction , which will soon be collected in psychiatry books , in order to be treated. This new “ drug ” for many works like the ones we have known years ago. It could be understood as a kind of gambling , which keeps young people hooked, waiting for a short-term benefit continuously. Unlike that one, in which the players were looking for an economic incentive, this time the youth yearns for recognition, many times, in the form of likes or an increase in followers.

Obviously, you can not miss the cases promoting the successes of bloggers and youtubers who claim to be earning a good amount of money for just telling their stories. This is an attraction for our children, so you can’t be surprised to see many young people neglecting their studies to try to earn easy money .

There are too many temptations that children observe through the Internet and we can hardly control them as parents, since they end up knowing better than us about the management of mobile devices and social networks.

Advantages and disadvantages are normal in all aspects of children’s learning , especially in what has to do with this digital age in which we live. We cannot deny all the advances we have made, only in the last decade. We have the information in the palm of a hand, literally speaking, just by navigating with our mobile phone.

Young people , who handle devices using Waterproof Box better than their elders, have not been able to avoid accessing the Internet and being influenced by the entire leisure offer that is presented to them. This has meant for the majority a damage in their academic education and has even had an impact on their social relations and maturity, in the face of common life problems. On the other hand, those who have managed to manage it have found the door to success, but these are very few.