November 25, 2022


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QR Code Digital Menu For Restaurant For Safe Dining In 2022

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As restaurants reopen, a significant concern for them is restricting the spread of the Coronavirus through surfaces, as physical menus. Changing to contactless choices like QR Code menu is the next normal for restaurants for all sizes. Since printing disposable menus aren’t ideal given the increasing costs, contactless QR Code menus are a practical choice.

It takes but a moment to upload a menu within the PDF format and convert it into a QR Code however it goes an extended way for the safety of customers.

With a restaurant application, you can use digital menus and enable your guests to order and pay online. Customers can simply use their smartphone cameras to scan a QR code at the table – or in their room – to get close enough to the computerised menu in the application.

What Are Dynamic Qr Codes For Restaurant Menus?

QR Code menus are digital versions of physical menu cards at restaurants. Diners scan these QR code digital menus to get to the eatery menu on their mobile phones. Using these touchless menus limits the spread of the Coronavirus through actual objects that undergo multiple hand exchanges.

To keep simple things simple, the QR Code menu creation process is totally simple and fast. We bet it won’t take more time than your coffee lasts!

Why Use Digital Menus With QR Codes?

  • Convenience

The primary benefit of QR codes is that they’re helpful for you and your customers. On the diner’s side, they will not need to continue waiting for the server to arrive at their table with the physical menu. Plus, you can give them enough opportunity to decide on what meals to try without pressuring them with the presence of your staff.

This feature is especially useful for lunch and dinner times at your restaurant, when your employees are busy taking up  and delivering orders.

  • Efficiency

Since QR codes serve to automate the task of going to each table to offer the menu, your waiters will have more energy to focus on providing your customers with the best services. They will not need to keep on scrambling through various tables with the orders, while attempting to remember which ones haven’t been given a menu yet. With this, you reduce the risk of aggravated diners and staff.

How To Make The Most Of Your QR Code Menus – Step By Step?

A. Phase I: Welcome Back Guests With A Secure QR Code Ordering System

As we navigate the pandemic, the short-term goal is to bring back guests. Building a secure environment for them to feel sure and enter is, in this way, the essential step. One of the low effort and high effect changes is replacing physical menus with QR Codes. Either put QR Codes on the tables or give QR Codes to restaurant staff.

B. Phase 2: Delight Them With Highly Relevant And Personalised Campaigns

The next step is to keep adding value with a QR-powered digital menu system. Since our QR Codes are dynamic in nature, you’ll change the menu to celebrate an occasion.

Let’s say one of your patrons is celebrating their birthday at your restaurant, causing them to feel exceptional by renaming a dish in their name. Or on the other hand, change the theme of your digital menu when your favourite team is playing.

C. Phase 3: Analyse And Optimise Your Restaurant’s Ordering Mechanism

The best campaigns are driven by customer intent. QR Codes open the opportunity to gather data and customer insight from your physical space. Here are a few bits of knowledge worth investigating –

  1. Spot the hotspot in your restaurant supported time and day. This assists you with optimising resources inside the restaurants.
  2. Validate the spots that assemble maximum eyeballs. For example, are more people watching a particular program behind the table. This helps you list the foremost strategic location for a crucial advertisement.
  3. Understand your guest better – gender ratio, devices they use, their income range, age section, and that’s just the beginning.

The amount Does It Cost To Make A Dynamic QR Code Menu For A Restaurant?

The cost to make a QR Code for menus depends on different functionalities you wanted to add. However, the with varies supported feature requirements and therefore the number of scans you would like on an annual basis.

QR Code Campaigns Based On The Time Of The Day

Most restaurants have various menus for breakfast, lunch, and dinner with specific offers connected to every one of them. Conveying these offers through unique QR code campaigns where the customer scans a comparable QR code to ask a specific deal. Restaurants’ ideal schedule offers the high traffic and low traffic day of the week.

QR Code Campaigns Based On The Day Of The Week

Dynamic QR code campaigns also permit restaurateurs to vary campaigns supporting the audience for weekdays versus weekends. For example, a restaurant near a college could get more students over the work days than families over the weekends.

Seasonal And Festival Based QR Code Campaigns

With dynamic QR codes, you’ll deploy the QR codes on your menu or the store window once and keep changing the menu and offers toward the back by replacing the URL connected to the QR code which increases your restaurant sale.

End Note

QR Code menu might be an important piece within the contactless puzzle at a restaurant. And as we march towards a digital first and contactless world, restaurants have to adapt QR Codes or other similar contactless technologies with their conventional process. They offer your customers a helpful and effective way to order, while allowing you to save on printing costs. Making dining safe, protected and contactless won’t simply just usher in diners but addition win restaurant loyalty.

If you’re a restaurant owner, looking to make a contactless ecosystem, get in touch with us to build digital solutions exclusively for restaurants.


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