January 24, 2022


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Latest Python Trends in 2022

Among many programming languages, Python is considered the most used programming language. After its launch in 1991, the rapid growth in the adaptability of this language was phenomenal. Last year, a StackOverflow survey ranked Python as one of the most used programming languages, even above Java. 

From a programmer’s perspective, Python development is the easiest and suitable way of developing software applications keeping various aspects including efficient runtime, end-to-end functionality, versatility, and scalability in mind. Nonetheless, these aspects were taken care of decades back. In recent times, the biggest problem that programmers face while solving complex problems is efficiency. And it could be acquired through a robust framework and easy coding language. 

Currently, Machine Learning, IoT, Artificial Intelligence, Data Analytical, Web Scraping, and many other new technologies are coming into frame. Python is not only a simple programming language but also secure, supports modern libraries, and is scalable. 

Top 10 famous Apps that use Python

Google88 B
Instagram6.5 B
Reddit1.7 B
Uber1 B
Spotify361 M
Pinterest281.5 M
Dropbox179 M
Instacart27 M
Disqus34 M

Why use Python

There are a number of reasons why Python is the most used programming language. We have included 7 important reasons why programmers prefer Python over other languages. 

  1. Multiple Programming Paradigm 

Just like other programming languages, Python is also compatible with different programming paradigms. It is compatible with object-oriented and structured programming. In terms of functional and object-oriented programming aspects, its features are also compatible. The language features and programming paradigm helps to develop complex and large software apps. 

  1. Read and Maintain easily

The code quality is also important while coding to ensure the simplicity and maintenance of the code. The syntax of Python enables you to express programming code without writing the extra codes. Plus, it allows you to use English keywords rather than punctuations which ultimately make Python the readable and maintainable programming language.

  1. Rich Standard Library

The rich, large, and standard library makes Python the preferred programming language. You can easily choose various modules from this standard library. Furthermore, you can add functionality to Python without writing extra codes. 

  1. Supports major systems and platforms

Python is compatible with various operating systems. In order to run code on a certain platform, you can use interpreters. Being an interpreted programming language, it enables the programmers to run the same code without recompilation on different platforms. It helps the coders to make changes in the code without increasing the writing time. 

  1. Open source tools and frameworks

Python is an open-source programming language that helps programmers to develop cost-effective software applications. These libraries, frameworks, and other development tools can minimize the time and cost. 

  1. Solve complex software development

Python is used for the development of different software applications. Therefore, you can develop both web and desktop applications. It is the best programming language for developing numeric and complex scientific applications. The advanced Python features facilitate data visualization and analysis. The data analysis feature helps to create conventional big data solutions without giving extra effort and time. 

  1. Adopt Test Driven Development

Python helps in creating prototypes quickly of various software applications. You can also refactor the Python code and directly build the software application. It allows you to write required tests even prior to writing code and use these tests to assess the software application codes continuously. 

Top 6 use cases of Python

The adaptability of Python for modern application development is extraordinary. In recent years it has gained significant importance for modern technology development. The 10 top use of Python development includes the following.

  1. Web Application

Today the web applications are dynamic, secure, and robust. All thanks to the Python programming language. The frameworks like Flask, Django, and Pyramids have made web application development easier and faster. The easy integration of these frameworks with various protocols including SSI, HTTP, and many other protocols is what makes Python a dynamic and demanding programming language.     

  1. Data Science   

In the last decade, the importance of data science has grown significantly and so is the need for the data analytics framework. Python provides many libraries that allow the developers to handle Data Science tasks like NumPy, Pandas, etc. 

  1. Game Development

Python is a versatile programming language. It supports various use cases and develops scalable and secure software applications. It not only develops simple web applications and solves complex data science problems but also develops trendy game applications. Python libraries include some game development modules including PyGame and PySoy for developing 3D games. 

  1. Artificial Intelligence

This programming language is used for solving complex AI problems. With the change in technology, Python has included many modules that are suitable for today’s technological accord. Numpy, Scikit-Learn, and Sensorflow are some of the famous Python libraries that work on machine learning and AI. 

  1. Internet of Things

The best part of Python is that it can easily connect with hardware devices. Whether it is Robotics or IoT, this programming language is useful. Raspberry PI hardware platform is used to develop Robotics, IoT, and embedded projects. 

  1. Web Scraping Applications

Python allows the developers to extract huge amounts of data from various websites just by entering the URLs. PythonRequest and Selenium are some of the famous Python libraries for web scraping applications. 


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