June 22, 2022


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Windows 10 keyboard shortcuts

Windows 10 keyboard shortcuts

Windows 10 keyboard shortcuts | Shutdown shortcut windows 10

List of all Windows 10 keyboard shortcuts: The ultimate guide

A shortcut saves distance and, consequently, time. Windows 10 keyboard shortcuts cannot do anything about the former. But they do have a lot to say about the latter.

Next we propose ten that, if we add minute by minute maybe at the end of the year. For the dates we are in, and from which it comes – they add some time. If not, at least they will have made their life (something) easier.

Copy The URL With Keyboard : CTRL + L (IN CHROME)

Early in the morning, when each movement costs a world and coffee has not yet taken effec. It should be remembered that pressing the key combination Ctrl + L when using Chrome directly activates the address bar.

This allows you to copy the URL (with the usual Ctrl + C) or directly write the page we are going to or the term we want to search on Google.

If afterwards we want to continue operating the browser without raising the fingers of the keyboard – it is not hours, after all – we can take into account that Ctrl + W closes the active tab and Ctrl + any number takes us to the one placed in that position .

If one of them is YouTube, the space bar pauses and resumes playback and if the head does not give more we can always move forward or backward five seconds any video – except for the ads, of course – with the arrow keys.

Open Last Closed Tab : CTRL + SHIFT + T

Is the brain still idling and has closed the tab I was reading unintentionally? Don’t worry, it’s normal – it’s not hours. We insist – and there is a simple solution in three steps.

Press Ctrl, then and without releasing Shift (the uppercase key, go) and finally T. This will open the last closed tab. Do it again and it will open the previous one and so on until you reach the first of the current session.

This trick also works if we accidentally close a window with several tabs open (restores it as it was) and can even serve when the browser closes unexpectedly.

Although it is not always the case. Do you feel fingerprints? Knowing this combination is like sailing with sleeves.

Undo Your Work : CTRL + Z

If the previous shortcut is the sleeves, Ctrl + Z is the lifejacket, bulletproof and even parachute, all in one. It is used in the vast majority of programs to undo the last action. At first glance it may seem like little.

However, these two keys can be the time machine that takes us a few seconds before deleting an email completely or deleting a column in Excel, for example. Before panicking, try undoing.

Navigate to Other Tab : ALT + TAB

Few things are more frightening in this life than having to minimize a presentation to open another program and see all applications and open windows. One way to mitigate it is to learn to navigate between them with the Alt + tab combination, which is used to switch between the programs in use.

So, for example, use it once it goes from the text editor to the mail and vice versa. However, if a second tab is pressed, the third most recently used window will appear. It requires a bit of practice, but it ends up becoming one of the most practical Windows 10 keyboard shortcuts.

Screenshot – WINDOWS + PrtSc :

Criticizing a partner is not only healthy, it is what sets us apart from animals. Doing it with tests is always better. And there may also be reasons directly related to the work that require a screenshot. Be that as it may, it is much easier than people think.

Surely at some point you have seen someone press the famous Print Pant key (print screen, if anyone asked) and then go to another program to paste this image. This step is redundant; if we press the Windows button and at the same time Print Pant, a capture will be created that is automatically saved in the Screenshots folder.

View All The Windows: WINDOWS + TAB :

New meeting, same situation. Of course, this time it is with customers, so you have to look good. The first is to close any problematic window and the second to go to a new shortcut very similar to the one we have seen before: Windows + Tab.

This combination activates a view with all the windows you remember – saving distances and technological limitations – to Minority Report, especially with a touch screen. In addition, from this interface it is possible to access recently opened documents, so it is a good way to recover one if we do not remember in which folder it was stored.

Hide All The Tabs : WINDOWS + D :

After two meetings it is possible to argue that we have already earned the right to visit social networks. Read the press of the day -thanks- or even watch one or two videos on YouTube.

But nobody wants to be fired because money can be exchanged for goods and services. So it is best to find a consensus solution. Or a way to quickly hide the screen, which is what happens to the pressing Windows + D .

Minimizing all windows also serves to quickly access the desktop. But if we are not sure that what we are looking for is there we can always use Windows +, (the comma is the key, not an erata), the solution that gives you transparency -literal – to all programs, but without making them disappear.

Close All The Tabs And Windows At A Time : WINDOWS + CTRL + D :

An absolute dedication to the waste of time requires a more complete tool and Windows has it. In fact, it is one of the most practical to work with a team with this operating system, although it is not as well known: the creation of additional desktops.

Broadly speaking, what the Windows + Ctrl + D shortcut does is create an additional workspace in which to open and close applications as if it were the main one. In this way, for example, you can create a space in which Photoshop.

Chrome is opened to find the images to be modified and Explorer with a tutorial. While in the first desktop browsers are dedicated to other functions and the Editing program is not even open.

To navigate between desktops you have to keep the Windows and Ctrl keys pressed. Then press the arrow keys (without lifting the previous ones) to move between them or F4 to close the additional active desktop.

Lock windows  – Windows 10 keyboard shortcuts

Actually this function should be used every time we move away from the equipment. Since what it does is block it. So it is necessary to re-enter the password to access it, although it does not turn off.

Do not forget that the work computer contains job information and most likely personal. No matter how much someone trusts their colleagues, going to Windows + L before going home will always be safer than letting the screens go out alone after a while.

Shutdown shortcut windows 10

If you have finished using the program – any – and want to close it in style, Alt + F4. Do it on the desk and you can turn off the computer.