December 2, 2022


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How To Make An App Like Airbnb For Your Vacation Rental Business – Feature List To Excel In 2022

The world is moving faster towards digitization, and the travel sector is not an exception. You can see a lot of talk about giants like Airbnb leading in the vacation rental space. Thanks to such apps and useful features it offers, people can now book accommodations, buy tickets, and much more with much ease. The success of Airbnb in no time has inspired many newcomers and developers out there to replicate the platform and enjoy massive popularity. All that means, developing a billion-dollar app like Airbnb is a worthy decision for startups, entrepreneurs, and leading brands out there. In this blog post, we have broken down a step by step guide on how to make an app like airbnb vacation rentals while saving your time and money.

So What Will You Learn In This Post?

Important Facts & Statistics To Know

Understanding the basics of Travel apps like Airbnb

How do Apps like Airbnb work & Its Business Model?

Must-have Features of the Vacation Rental App Like Airbnb

Step-by-Step Guide To Build An App Like Airbnb

Technology Stack Used

What is the Final Cost To Build An App Like Airbnb?

Have A Quick Tour To Airbnb Stats & Facts-

The latest statistics says that over 45M users in 2020 from all across the world started accessing an Airbnb app and it is predicted that the number will reach over 50M users by 2023. Since its launch, an app like Airbnb has developed 34 offices in different areas of the world. If we talk about the profit, Airbnb has generated approx $95M now and is expected to generate approx $4.0 Billion by the end of 2023. With every passing day, it is likely to see that the travel industry is growing faster with examples like Homestay rental booking apps like Airbnb available in the market. So undoubtedly, it is fair enough to say that developing an app like Airbnb is an impressive business idea for many.

Let’s start with the basics of travel apps like Airbnb

Airbnb is a platform that offers apartment options for rent around the world. In short, if you go with the development of an app like Airbnb, you will get an online portal that helps tie people who want to rent their vacation homes with people looking for accommodation. Such an app has completely transformed the way people look for accommodations while traveling from one location to another. 

The user who signed on the platform like Airbnb as a guest can search for homes based on location, property features, and many more. After providing the personal details and payment information, a user can further select the home and book a stay. The guests can also chat with hosts on the platform, and their conversation is fully secured due to the built-in encryption technology. While listing homes on Airbnb, the host has to provide the relevant information regarding the property. The data includes the property type, amenities, and many other details.

Airbnb’s Business Model

Airbnb platform works for basically two users – guests and property owners. Developing an app like Airbnb is not a cakewalk, and that’s why they need the best app development company. Businesses are likely to hire a mobile app developer to customize the app as per their needs using the Airbnb clone in React. 

Working model for guests

  • Guests have to start with a login process that helps them register for the services via mobile or website.
  • Once they complete the profile, they can further update the profile by including their ID, contact details, and more.
  • Next, users can do an ideal search by using multiple filters such as prices, location, property type, etc.     
  • A guest will get confirmation just after they request a stay.     
  • Finally, guests can pay for the stay just after the confirmation, make easy check-in, and enjoy their stay.     

Working model for property owners

  • A user needs to register on the app as a property host.
  • Once created a profile, a user needs to add the property details, location, and other information. 
  • A property host has to upload a clear and high-definition picture of the property and set the rent. 
  • A host needs to mention all the details for guests, like hygiene standards and more.
  • Once the guest agrees with all the terms and conditions, the host has to either approve the stay and reject the stay. 
  • Finally, the host will receive the payment after the check-in made by guests. 

Feature List For Developing Airbnb Clone App

There are a number of factors that contribute to the development of the Airbnb clone app. So to create an app, there are some essential features you can consider adding for guests and hosts.

For Guests

Easy Onboarding: Registration is the foremost feature you need to consider when it comes to developing the Airbnb Clone app that needs to be as straightforward as possible. 

Create A Profile: Users on successful sign up on the app have to complete the details like number, email id, address, and some other information. 

Advanced Filters: Advanced search filters should be added to the app to list the property on the basis of a specific location and budget. While using filters, users can have multiple options to book a property. 

Add To Favorites: The feature allows the users to add the selected apartments to their favorite list. 

Notifications & Alerts: The feature enables guests to receive instant notifications related to booking confirmation and other related information. 

For Hosts

App login: Hosts have to sign up on the app using their email addresses and other social media accounts. 

Update a profile: A host can update the profile by adding information like email address, mobile number, etc.

Reviews: The host profile must have an option of host rating so guests can review them. 

Step By Step Guide To Make an App Like Airbnb

Build A Business Plan: It’s not enough to just have an idea to build an Airbnb-like app. There is a need to build a proper business plan so you can follow the goals and stay organized throughout the development process. 

Search For The Developers: Cooperate with the most professional development team to build an Airbnb clone app. 

User-friendly Design: You make sure the interface of the Airbnb app should be intuitive and user-friendly. 

Integrate Advanced Features: Build an app like Airbnb with the most advanced features. Adding high-end features inside the app helps you make your app look seamless and unique. 

App Testing: Before launching the app to the market, the app needs to be tested thoroughly to eliminate errors and to provide users with a personalized experience. 

Release The App: Once the app is released, you get it updated regularly. You need to go with the regular maintenance of the app and add exciting features.

Technology Stack Behind Developing Airbnb Clone App

In the process of Airbnb Clone app development, there is a big team of technical experts that together contribute their efforts in building the feature-rich, user-friendly, and responsive app. The group involves a project manager, UI/UX designer, Android/iOS developer, front-end developer, back-end developer, and QA analyst. 

Now comes the technology stack used in building an Airbnb clone app. Below is the technology stack, when used in app development, makes things a lot easier.

Programming LanguagesSwift -iOS, Kotlin
FrameworksReact, Ruby on Rails
Cloud StorageAWS EB3, Amazon S3

What Is The Final Cost To Build An App Like Airbnb?

Determining the overall cost of developing an app like Airbnb is not a challenging task. With a thorough analysis and a few factors in place, you can know the overall cost of the app. The significant factors contributing to the Airbnb app development are the features, project complexity, technology stack, and developer’s location. An app like Airbnb costs somewhere around $40k to $50k, but it can fluctuate depending upon the business requirements and specifications. `

Concluding Lines!

In addition to following the guide on how to make an app like Airbnb, you can also consider adding the latest innovation to your app to get a competitive edge in the industry. The travel sector is the perfect niche to start within; you must get a feature-rich app like Airbnb that makes you stand out from the crowd. So what are you waiting for? Contact the best app developer today!