November 27, 2022


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Omatic How Omatic Takes The Hassle Out Of Importing Data into The Raisers Edge

How Omatic Takes the Hassle out of Importing Data Into the Raiser’s Edge

If you’re running a nonprofit, you need a good software program to import RE data, or information that your Raiser’s Edge data-tracking services need. Consider investing in Omatic software to keep your data organized as you import it. Here’s how Omatic smoothes out the import process each time you work with RE.

Automatically Standardizes Data

For RE to work properly, all the information should be standardized. For example, all your donors’ addresses should match. If you use abbreviations such as “rd” for “road” and “ln” for “lane,” every single address needs to use these abbreviations. If you want to capitalize all the address information, this choice also needs to be standardized.

When many people manage your donor database, it’s easy for this information to lose its standardization. The best nonprofit software automatically handles any discrepancies before sending your data to RE.

Omatic Cloud Matches Records & Eliminates Duplicates 

It’s easy to have duplicate profiles or other files when you work with contractors or donors again and again. To keep these duplicate partnerships from inflating your database, Omatic searches for matching data and deletes any extra information. This speeds up the import process and allows you to accurately assess your professional network.

Reduces Time Spent on the Import Process

When you’re working on data management for nonprofits, most of your employees and assistants probably aren’t software experts. As a result, the process of importing information into RE, which is already complicated, takes forever. You have to make sure that all your files are formatted correctly and that their information is complete. You also must make sure that each file has the proper ID number so that it doesn’t get lost in the transfer.

With Omatic’s program, your software handles all these time-consuming tasks so that you can focus on more complicated jobs such as reaching out to new donors and overseeing your operations. When the import process is over, look through the results and start using them to analyze your nonprofit network’s trends.

Quickly Formats Headers

When you’re importing data to RE, you need to use the correct template, including a specific header design. Manipulating headers by hand is complicated, and your RE program is often so finicky that even after lots of edits, you don’t have the headers just right. Instead of spending so much time getting your files ready for importation, let your Omatic program handle all the header formatting.

Takes Care of Exceptions

RE software often creates exceptions, which are notifications that something has gone wrong in the transfer process. It’s hard to understand what issues are causing exceptions without extensive RE training, and when you can’t resolve them, you can’t complete the import process. Omatic programs quickly and automatically decode each exception and fix the file’s problems so that your information can get into your RE program efficiently.

Transferring data into RE doesn’t have to be a pain. Choose the right data management software for your nonprofit to streamline your services and better understand your operations.

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