October 1, 2022


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google dataset search tool

Google Dataset Search Tool

Google Dataset Search Tool Is Available For Public Use

Google Dataset Search Tool

The Internet is a vast universe, sometimes overwhelming, so much that we can get lost in this webof information if we don’t know how to search .To help a little in the task (google dataset search tool) Google has announced that its Dataset Search tool is now available for public use , that until now it had been in beta and that for a while some users have tried to give their opinion and improve the service.

What is Dataset Search 

 It is a search engine that has indexed 25 million datasets – ‘ datasets’ – especially official data from governments and public entities, market research and scientific data. The thematic areas are very diverse – from economics to literature – and the information comes from many countries – with the United States at the helm. The most common format in which these data sets are usually presented is the table – there are more than 6 million of them.

Since the beta was available, in September 2018, Google has been introducing improvements based on user experiences and features suggested by them. For example, you can now filter the results according to the format you are looking for – tables, images, text – as well as knowing if the data set is available for free by the provider.

Also, one of the great novelties is that the tool is already available on mobile devices , both smartphones and tablets. Another website mostly used is JavaScript scraping .

Based on the searches that have been done to date, Google has learned that this search engine is primarily used by academic researchers, students, business analysts and data scientists. And what have users asked the most? The most common queries include ‘education’, ‘weather’, ‘cancer’, ‘crime’, ‘football’ and, yes, ‘dogs’ .

How Dataset Search works

Anyone who publishes data can make their datasets recognizable on this portal using an open standard – schema.org – to describe the properties of their data set on their own web page. In this way, the amount of data sets that can be found in Dataset Search continues to grow.