November 27, 2022


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Tips To Avoid Hacking

Tips To Avoid Hacking For Mobile,Laptop And Other Electronic Devices

Cyber Crime On Christmas Eve

Christmas is coming; A time of the year when many people catch a plane, and cyber criminals are no stranger to it. Therefore, the cyber security firms draws attention to users in order to be especially cautious during that waiting time before catching the flight on duty. “The level of danger against cyber attacks is at least four times higher now than two or three years ago. Cyber security is like a cat and mouse game between cyber criminals and who is dedicated to trying to stop them. It is very difficult to stay ahead of this, but both sides work hard to develop new approaches.

Regarding airports, cyber criminals behave like any company. They have campaigns for summer, for Black Friday or for Christmas, as is the case. At this time more purchases are made and there is a greater flow of passengers at airports, so they try to exploit it .

 From the cyber security company they have developed a series of tips that can help users limit risks when traveling during these vacations. 

Charging stations

If malicious devices or cables are connected to a charging station, your smartphone or tablet will be vulnerable to possible infections or theft of your data. To avoid this, it is important to protect this type of connection. In addition, most current “smartphones” have the possibility of configuring the USB access mode to prevent data transfer.

Beware of WiFi networks

The WiFi connections open , also pose not only in airports but in any public place risk. The spoofing tools are widespread, allowing cyber criminals to have their laptops imitate a WiFi access point by publishing a known network name or SSID, so that unsuspecting users connect and expose their data. Security tools can detect these unauthorized access points, eject them from the network and block access to data.

Data theft

Human errors are always a risk . There are numerous examples of cyber attacks in airports related to human errors. Last year, the administrative systems of the Bristol airport suffered a cyber attack through which all their information panels were disconnected, causing delays and large claims for both the airport and airlines. Or one of the most famous examples such as the one of the unencrypted USB that one of the Heathrow airport workers lost and that made thousands of documents about the security procedures and anti-terrorism systems of one of the busiest airports in the world, recalls Schippers.

With regard to passengers, another common incident is the theft or loss of mobile devices with all kinds of sensitive information . For this reason, it is necessary to have guarded laptops and smartphones and have strong lock passwords . Phones are like black boxes. They keep a huge amount of information inside. It is important that users are clear about the steps they should take to block their devices in case they lose them.

Be careful with emails and SMS

Morethan 93% of security incidents begin with a fraudulent email . The awareness of users and training of common sense is vital to avoid being deceived by a false email or SMS message from an airline in which you are invited to “click” on a link or download a potentially malicious file.

“The security of data and communication is crucial in such critical spaces as airports. Therefore, it is necessary to have global and interconnected protection solutions that are capable of protecting against “malware” (computer virus), exploits or attacks by “ransomware” (virus that hijacks devices) in a predictive way