October 1, 2022


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computer antivirus software

computer antivirus software

Computer Algorithms And Computer Antivirus Software

Computer Algorithms

A computer algorithms is a sequence of  instructions where processes can be carried out and given response to certain needs or decisions. These are ordered and finite sets of steps, which allow us to solve a problem or make a decision .

Seen this way, a program is nothing more than a complex series of algorithms ordered and coded by a programming language for later execution on a computer .

Algorithms are also common in mathematics and logic , and are the basis of making user manuals, instruction booklets, etc .One of the best known algorithms of mathematics is that attributed to Euclid.

To obtain the greatest common divisor of two positive integers, or the so-called “Gaussian method” to solve systems of linear equations.

computer algorithms and antivirus
computer antivirus software

Parts Of An Algorithm

Input: The input of the data that the algorithm needs to operate.

Process :This is the formal logical operation that the algorithm will undertake with the input received.

Output :The results obtained from the process on the input, once the execution of the algorithm is finished.

Computer Algorithms Are Four Types

Computational Algorithms : An algorithm whose resolution depends on the calculation. Which can be developed by a calculator or computer without difficulties.

Non Computational Algorithms :Those who do not require the processes of a computer to resolve, or whose steps are exclusive to the resolution by a human being.

Qualitative Algorithms:It is an algorithm whose resolution does not involve numerical calculations, but logical and / or formal sequences.

Quantitative Algorithms : On the contrary, it is an algorithm that depends on mathematical calculations to find its resolution.

Characteristics Of Computer Algorithms

Sequential : The algorithms operate in sequence, must be processed one at a time.

Accurate : The algorithms must be precise in their approach to the subject, that is, they cannot be ambiguous or subjective.

Ordered : The algorithms must be established in the precise and exact sequence so that their reading makes sense and the problem is solved.

Finite : Every sequence of algorithms must have a specific purpose, it cannot be extended to infinity.

Concrete: Every algorithm must offer a result based on the functions it fulfills.

Defined :The same algorithm before the same input elements must always give the same results.

Computer antivirus software

Computer antivirus are pieces of application software whose objective is to detect and eliminate computer viruses from a computerized system. That is, it is a program that seeks to remedy the damage caused by these invasive forms of technology. Whose presence in the system is usually not detectable until its symptoms are evidenced, such as biological viruses .

The remedy, then, was to acquire a computer antivirus, offered by various commercial programming companies. To guarantee the monitoring, cleaning and protection of computers . In the absence of them, the user was at risk of damage to the system and also spread the virus each time he copied a floppy disk or sent an email.

There is currently a huge range of antivirus services, essential since we spend more and more time connected to the Internet.It is used for receiving and sending information from unknown computers.

Types Of Computer Antivirus

Antivirus Identification : Those that track active sequences associated with certain viruses, but are not very effective in dealing with unwanted software. They have the virtue of being very light, some run from the network .

Antivirus Decontaminators : Usually installed on the system like any other application software.These programs can be activate to check the entire contents of the computer for viruses. If there are, then, we proceed to disinfection and, if not possible, quarantine or erasure.

Real-time Protection Antivirus : Those that provide constant protection to the system, without having to carry out a thorough review. But reviewing all incoming and outgoing files and connections. These antivirus are usually combined with decontamination functions.