December 4, 2022


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lost cell phone finder

It stores photographs, personal data, phones, privacy

Things to do when you loose your cell phone

Lost Cell Phone

Twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp , Instagram and so many apps we use on cell phone. It is no longer punished without going down to the park, now there is nothing worse than leaving a child without a mobile for a day. 

It stores photographs, personal data, phones, privacy. Its expansion has been directly proportional to the dependency that it has generated in the human being and that has turned the possibility of running out of it into a recurring nightmare. But do people know what to do if your mobile phone is stolen?

How to protect your Cell phone against theft or loss?

The Organization of Consumers and Users ( OCU ) proposes a series of measures to be taken after purchasing a mobile phone.

Request your invoice : it will be the document with which you will show that you are the owner of it in the event of theft or loss.

IMEI – This is the phone’s unique fingerprint. It usually comes in the packaging, write it down and save it. If you have not done so, you can check it by pressing * # 06 #.

Screen lock : it will be the first obstacle that the thief encounters when taking the cell phone.

Backups : it will not be easy for you to recover your mobile phone, Number Lookup ,so, as a minor evil, make backups periodically if you do not want to lose everything saved.

Steps to follow if your cell phone is stolen?

If you have taken the previous precautions in case your cell phone is stolen, the event will be a little less traumatic. Here are the steps to take once the theft has occurred:

Geolocation : for example, the app from Google “Find my device” you can try to locate it . Just access it from your Google account. These types of apps also allow remote deletion, so you can delete data, addresses, cell phone, messages, etc.

Block the SIM : if you decide to take the previous step first, make it quick. When you discover that it will not be easy to recover it. what you should do immediately is call your operator, block the SIM card and the terminal itself .

Report : with the invoice and the IMEI code of the cell phone report the theft at the police station.

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