November 27, 2022


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The prices for application development in 2020

The prices for application development in 2020

The prices for application development in 2020

Not only popular social media networks need a user-friendly application to maintain their positions in the market. Medical centers, schools and universities, cafés, and other businesses can hardly imagine high-quality communication with their customers without using mobile applications. Besides, we are all concerned about our time, and can’t spend long hours calling to different institutions, we prefer downloading their app and saving our time in this way. Of course, reading the articles about the cost of famous games and dating applications, we imagine that we need at least $150,000 to get our own application developed. But, fortunately, it’s not true. Of course, highly sophisticated apps can cost even more than $500,000, but not every company needs such an application. The prices of app development vary in different parts of the world depending on the functionality of the application, and a person/a team who’ll be in charge of making it. Here are several tools online by Top app Developers can build your own application with, so in the means of the final price in such a situation, you can start at $2000. But beware of the future maintenance of your application. Looking good and fancy, it can lack key features, and be very hard to operate due to the programming bugs inside, you won’t be able to detect and solve, due to the lack of knowledge. So usually, as in many other cases, it’s better to hire professionals not to regret in the end.

Many features affect the price of application development, and the most important of them are the following:

1) The purpose of the future app

According to the usage and needs, we’d like to cover with the help of the future application, its cost will differ significantly. And it’s not always a good decision to order something complex and expensive when you need only a couple of functions to be supported. That’s why the first step in the application development is defining the list of main functions you need to have in the app. Of course, it should look modern and attractive but only within a professionally designed functionality. Business apps will differ from the lifestyle applications in the means of appearance and key features. Do you need your app to be engaging? What operations do you want your client to fulfill it? When we talk about e-commerce applications, the first step is to define whether you need in-application purchase functions. Because if not, you can reduce the final app cost to half. If it’s a fitness app, think whether you need such functions, as activity tracking, geolocation, and synchronization with other gadgets. If you want to share useful advice and digestion plans via your app, think how dynamic it should be. Simple apps with a couple of options will cost less, but again the thing you should never try to save on is the user-experience you’ll get in the end. Beautiful apps which are hard to use will make users annoyed, and in the long-term perspective, you’ll have to think about how to reengage the users that have already abandoned your app again.

2) The region you live

Sometimes, companies and individuals who want to develop an application for their business might choose to outsource this project to other companies instead of cooperating with a local developer. In different countries, the average prices for IT services, and application development, in particular, cost differently. For instance, in North America, there are the highest prices, and usually, you’ll need to pay about $150 per hour. On the contrary, Indonesia, India, and some countries in Eastern Europe like Ukraine provide more attractive prices, which will vary from $18 to $30 per hour. Of course, there are many issues that can lead your choice towards the local developers. They are the language of the future app and the whole process of cooperation. But you should take into account that foreign development services maybe not only less expensive in price but the process of cooperation with the overseas developer can turn to be less difficult than you think. Of course, the time zone differences and a potential lack of control over the development process may be among the most widespread cos of such cooperation. But in any case, make sure that the developer you choose is talented and professional enough, ask for the proved experience records.

3) The level of complexity

Applications with different levels of complexity need different numbers of working hours to be completed, and as a result, will differ in price. The development of a basic app with a limited number of functions will take about 500 hours. At the same time, a medium complexity app needs at least 700 hours to be developed. More complex apps have a more time-consuming process of creation, so you should think about 1500 hours and more. IOS and Android OS applications differ in the means o programming, and globally it’s slightly more expensive to develop an Android app. The complexity of the functions will also predetermine the choice between web, native and hybrid apps. On the other hand, multilingual support, especially when we switch to the right-to-left page orientation, makes application development longer and more complicated, and sometimes in the means of the cost it’s equal to developing of several apps instead of one.

4) User involvement and extra features

Starting with login, fingerprint authentication, password recovery, and storing functions, some features make the app more user-friendly, but also more expensive in the means of development. Integration with social networks and banking applications needs a higher level of security and more dynamic functionality. Including a function of in-app payment with the help of Google Wallet, PayPal, or local bank systems will affect the price of the app. NFC functions also make the applications easy and pleasant to use.  And of course, the more sensitive personal data is engaged in the app, the higher level of security it requires. Also, it’s important to estimate which native functions of a smartphone will be used in the future app. For example, if you need a QR code reading functions, and screenshotting, the more complex programming is necessary to be applied to engage the camera.