October 1, 2022


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14 Most trusted Software Development Companies in 2021

Software Development Companies in 2021 – In today’s world, enterprise software development is a prerequisite if you as a company wish to remain relevant. Considering the demand for customized software, many companies have sprung up over the years, but only a select few can promise customer success.

With numerous big-billion software development projects failing, it is imperative that you choose a software development partner that keeps a finger on the pulse of emerging trends, innovations, methodologies, languages, and frameworks that evolve on a daily basis.

To help you make an informed choice while choosing a software development partner, here is a list of 2021’s most trusted and best software development companies. So without further ado, let’s get to it.

Software Development Companies in 2021

1. Radixweb

With a mission of consistent excellence, Radixweb is a massive team of domain experts and specialists offering world-class custom software development solutions, from enterprise mobility, digital transformation services, full-cycle application development, eCommerce solutions, QA and testing, UI/UX design, to DevOps.
Recently Radixweb celebrated its 20th anniversary, which commemorated twenty years of consistent performance, not just keeping abreast of the latest trends and technical advancements but actually internalizing and implementing them and also creating a few trends themselves along the way. Radixweb has constantly delivered 100% success to its customers spread across 25 nations. 

Topping this list, Radixweb places incredible accentuation on venturing into the customer’s point of view to comprehend the issue from their viewpoint and offer solid and powerful solutions that match their necessities as well as the fundamental organization ethos for continuous business impact and a singular motive of providing world-class value as a software development agency.

2. ITRex

ITRex is an IT consulting and software development organization that makes and changes items, administrations, and endeavors to drive business development today and into what’s to come. 

Computerized reasoning. Increased Analytics. AI. Large Data. Mechanical Process Automation. Longer than 10 years, the organization has applied inside and out aptitude in a wide scope of technologies across center enterprises – FinTech, Retail, and eCommerce, Healthcare and Biotech, Transportation and Logistics, Entertainment and Media. The group has conveyed many game-changing solutions to Fortune 500 goliaths, endeavors, and new businesses. 

ITRex transforms technology advancement into market-prepared items and solutions to help organizations acquire a serious edge, increment operational effectiveness, and augment benefits.

3. FATbit Technologies

FATbit Technologies established its roots in 2004. Since then, it is providing resilient software solutions to businesses of all sizes. Its key area of expertise is custom software development in the eCommerce industry. Over the past decade, FATbit has also developed numerous white-label eCommerce software solutions to help entrepreneurs launch several types of businesses like online cab booking, food ordering, rental marketplace, sellers marketplaces, gigs marketplace and more. 

Being white-label, third-party software development companies can also use FATbit software to meet the diverse requirements of their clients. To help entrepreneurs explore new business ideas, FATbit provides MVP development and agile development services that incrementally improve software based on customer feedback. It is also important to note that all products developed by FATbit are fully scalable, which means they support unlimited listings, user profiles and transactions at one-time cost to grow with your business. 

Along with custom software development, FATbit also provides mobile app development, web development, ERP and CRM software development, digital marketing and business consultation services. Due to its high-quality work, FATbit has been also featured in the Business Insider, Inc. and The Entrepreneur.

4. ScienceSoft

ScienceSoft offers start to finish administrations across the entire IT range: custom software development, information examination, framework administrations, application administrations, online protection administrations, QA and testing, and then some.

5. Syberry Corporation 

Syberry is a custom software development organization situated in Austin, Texas (USA). With over 5 years of involvement with making custom software items and application, 4 workplaces in the US and Europe, and 250 specialists of different capability and technology foundation, they are centered around conveying an extraordinary worth into organizations of their customers by means of a creative custom software application and predominant help of software development and designing.

6. Oxagile

Oxagile is a New York-based software development administration supplier conveying great solutions to clients since its establishment in 2005. 

The organization is known for its imaginative way of dealing with testing projects driven by the in-house R&D office. Research and development specialists have been straightforwardly engaged with more than 40 Oxagile projects, assisting with handling capricious business challenges utilizing AI, PC vision, enormous information, IoT, and other cutting-edge techs.

7. VironIT

VironIT creates custom software to help organizations arrive at new statures, improve the quality of the current item, decrease time to market and development costs. 

Prepared engineers, top-level task supervisors, business examiners, and UX/UI creators give top-caliber and savvy software development administrations. VironIT offers types of assistance, including the development of versatile applications, web-situated applications, business software solutions, just as software reconciliation and refreshing, backing, and support of software applications.

8. A3Logics

A3logics is a worldwide IT service, consulting, and business solutions organization conveying top-tier administrations and assisting overall organizations with driving business efficiencies. A3Logics is known for its enthusiasm for flawlessness with master technology thoughts to accomplish customer fulfillment, technology advancement, and upgraded time-to-advertise capacities. 

9. Softlabs Group 

Softlabs Group is one of India’s top software development organization, conveying result-arranged, productive, and top-notch software development re-appropriating administrations to the worldwide customer base from 2003.

10. Geomotiv 

Geomotiv is a custom software development organization in the US, with a development office in Belarus. 

They are upheld by a group of experts with a demonstrated history of skill and 10+ long stretches of training in present-day tech stacks (including Java, NodeJS, Python, PHP, Clouds). Geomotiv proclaims the way of life of straightforward and legit correspondence and endeavors to build up mutually advantageous collaboration with customers. 

On the off chance that you pick Geomotiv as your software development accomplice, you will get committed assets that dominate in all that they do. The group is prepared to make and develop the task from its beginning to after-conveyance backing and upkeep.

11. QArea 

QArea is known for its capacity to make first-rate custom software development solutions to serve different business needs. While the organization is more centered around the custom web and application development, they cover different regions, too, like MVP development, quality confirmation, and software coordination. QArea’s group likewise gives different IT counseling and configuration administrations. The organization serves its customer’s well-being with an eye on adaptability, honesty, consistency, and morals.

12. Apiumhub

Apiumhub is a software center of great proactive experts in software engineering, DevOps, and software development. They are known to tackle complex issues with great development and assembling highly adaptable digital solutions.

Apiumhub puts logic and critical thinking in the focal point of each task they work on and continually conveys value by making consistent digital engagements, persistently advancing innovation for their customers, empowering a versatile mentality to meet their business objectives. Apiumhub’s central goal is to build long-haul associations with customers.

13. Galaxy Weblinks Inc. 

Galaxy Weblinks Inc. is a custom mobile and web development organization situated in the USA offering full-stack administrations, set up in 1998. With over 1000+ ventures conveyed to over 150+ customers, they furnish specialized aptitude with every minute of everyday support. They give client fulfillment by conveying quicker software and at a minimal cost. Galaxy Weblinks a group of master engineers that comprehend complex task prerequisites and make superior applications with exceptional results. The company’s administrations include custom software development, combination arrangements, mobility and upgradation, enterprise application development, eCommerce Design and Development Services, and more.

14. Brainhub 

Brainhub is a software development accomplice for quickly developing organizations. The teams configure, assemble, and scale epic mobile, web, and custom items, assuming control over the top proprietorship and coordinated methodology. They are centered around accomplishing long-term objectives and giving genuine results.


ELEKS is the accomplice of decision for large numbers of the world’s driving enterprises and innovation organizations. With 1,500+ specialists across Europe, the US, and Canada, ELEKS assists organizations with hoisting their worth through custom software development, item plan, QA, Web design Grant and consultancy administrations.

In summation

So there you have it; the 14 most trusted software development firms in 2021. These companies are well recognized as competent partners capable of delivering intuitive, efficient custom software and adds value to business processes while streamlining them. If you are looking for a partner that can offer you truly bespoke software development solutions without breaking the bank, then my list above should prove great use. This list is based on work experience and client feedback from directories like Clutch.co and other B2B reviews platforms.

Author bio:

I am Maitray Gadhavi, a business development manager with extensive experience, working with a leading software development company. I passionate about accelerating enterprise growth through innovative intuitive and simply intelligent software development. I endeavor to bring the voice of the end user to every project I work upon so that solutions I provide are aligned both to grassroots level needs and wider business objectives.

Linkedin:  https://www.linkedin.com/in/maitray-gadhvi-a723a91a/