December 4, 2022


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whatsapp top5 tips

Whatsapp Top 5 Tips So That No Body Spies On Your Conversation

Whatsapp Top 5 Tips

As whatsapp is one of the most used messengers and cyber threats are increasing, we are mentioning the whatsapp top 5 tips for 2020-2021.

Like social networks , messaging platforms such as WhatsApp store a huge amount of information about users. From the conversations themselves, to contact numbers, photos or videos. Therefore, it is essential that the necessary precautions are taken so that all this data does not fall into the hands of a malicious third party or a person with little respect for privacy. Here are some of the measures that can help you improve your privacy.

Two-step verification

WhatsApp has a double verification system that allows the user to protect their personal account against impersonation attempts by third parties . To enable this option, go to “Settings” or “Settings”, depending on whether the “smartphone” is iOS or Android, access “Account” and activate the so-called “Two-step verification”. The platform will ask you for a six-digit code that you will have to use when you download the “app” on another device. As it happens when you acquire a new terminal.

In addition, you can associate it with an email finder. Thanks to this, WhatsApp sends a link by email to the user so that they can disable the two-step verification in case of forgetting the 6-digit access code . It should be remembered that this code is completely personal. Cybercriminals have launched several scams that seek to trick the user into sharing it.

Archive Messages

On occasion, you may have worried that someone you shouldn’t pick up your phone and check your WhatsApp messages. If you want to avoid it, there is a very simple way to achieve it, and without any need to delete the conversation . This happens, in part, to archive the chats that you do not want anyone to see. The option, which is available on both iOS and Android, can be applied to a single contact or to all those on the list.

When a user archives a chat, it disappears directly from the conversation list . However, keep in mind that, as soon as the user receives a new message from the archived contact, the conversation will be automatically unarchived. So, in case you want to hide a contact for a certain time, the best thing to do is archive the chat and then block it.

Block the “app”

If you want your account to be protected, it is essential that you activate the blocking option offered by WhatsApp. Especially if your “smartphone” is within the reach of others. To prevent someone from physically opening your account without your permission, you must go to “Settings”, and from there to “Privacy” and “Screen lock”. In this option, you will be allowed to configure the «app» in such a way that it is essential to use your fingerprint , or your face if the device has facial recognition, to open the application.

Despite this, keep in mind that it will still be possible to reply to messages from the “smartphone” lock screen via notifications. To improve privacy, you can delete them whether your device is Android or ios in “Settings”, if the device is Apple, or “Settings”, if it has the Google operating system.

That your photo is not seen

The platform allows you to select which users can see the profile photo of a contact . A feature that can be especially interesting for those who have a predefined image with their children. To implement it, it is necessary to go to “Configuration” or “Settings”, depending on the operating system, “Account” and “Privacy”. Under the option «Last. Once ‘, you can see’ Profile photo ‘. Once you “click” on it, the option is given to limit who can see the image.

Whatsapp Top 5 Tips

Not your last connection hour

If you want to prevent others from being able to see if you read the messages they send you, all you have to do is go to “Settings” or “Settings”, “Account” and “Privacy”. There you will find the section “Read receipts”. If you deactivate it, the rest of the users will stop seeing the double blue “tick” that shows that you have opened a conversation and have been able to read the messages that have been sent to you. However, if you disable the read confirmation, you will not be able to consult the others’ either.