May 13, 2022


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WhatsApp 2020 | Whatsapp Techniques That You Should Know


The arrival of the double blue tick in Whatsapp was a real nightmare for those who had impatient interlocutors or jealous boyfriends. Its introduction in the application meant an earthquake among its users.Just follow whatsapp tips and tricks and have the fun in 2020.

However, due to popular pressure, the application was forced to collect cable and allow disabling this function, which, however, is activated by default .

If you are among those who do not want them to know when you have read the messages. What you should do is go to Settings => Account => Privacy and, once inside this section. Uncheck the box for the confirmation of reading .

The bad news of this is that, when you deactivate the confirmation of reading the incoming messages. You will not be able to know when others have read your messages .

In addition, regardless of how you have configured this function, in groups you will have to continue supporting the double blue tick .

USE WHATSAPP GIFS – Whatsapp Tips And Tricks

Extremely popular on Twitter and on web pages, Gifs took much longer than expected to reach Whatsapp.

However, they are already fully integrated and it is possible to incorporate them in three different ways to our daily use.

Uploading them as a normal photo

If we have a gif downloaded in the image gallery on our phone, we simply need to select it as if it were a normal photo (in jpg or png).

Making them yourself

Selected a fragment of 4 seconds or less of a video. Whatsapp gives us the opportunity to transform it into a gif and send it to one of our contacts.

Through the keyboard shortcuts

You can insert indexed gifs on the Internet through different shortcuts on your keyboard. The methods described may change depending on the keyboard you have installed but the most common are. With a long press on the smiley face icon, selecting the arrow next to the predictive text and pressing the gif option, and with a press Long next to the smiling face in the box enter the text.


This is one of the simplest tricks. You just have to bring the phone to your ear after giving the play in a voice message and the audio will play through the headset instead of the speakers.

In this way, nobody will know that they are telling you, unless you have the earpiece volume too high .


Decide what to show and what to keep hidden. This is one of the first things we can do with our WhatsApp account . Especially, if we use the same number for personal and professional matters.

Whatsapp allows us to choose our photo , the name that will be shown to other users who do not have our number and a status message.

This is information that we can choose if it will only be available to everyone, to our contacts or hidden to everyone.

BOLD AND ITALIC – Whatsapp Tips And Tricks


 You will need to put an asterisk “*” (without the quotes) before after the word or sentence you want to highlight


You must put a hyphen under “_” (without the quotes) before after the word or sentence you want to highlight


You have to put virguillas “~” before and after the word or sentence to which you want to apply this stylistic resource.


The popularization of chat and instant messaging apps brought about the explosion of emoticons , special characters. In a way, have partially replaced the written language.

In WhatsApp, traditionally, emojis were the same size as plain text. However, with the introduction of the latest updates, the size of the emoticons is dynamic .

In this way, a single emoticon will have a giant size , two will have a somewhat smaller size. Three emoticons will be slightly larger than plain text and four emoticons will have their classic size.

However, for this rule to apply it is necessary to send the emoticons alone (or in the company of other emojis) but not accompanied by plain text. In that case, these symbols will return to their standard size.

USE OF FAVORITES – Whatsapp Tips And Tricks

WhatsApp favorites allow us to sort messages, photos, videos or audios in a folder of the application that have a special relevance for us.

To mark any message as a favorite, you only need to find us in a chat, long press on it and select the star icon at the top of the application. At that time, a small star icon will appear next to the message and will indicate that we have saved it as a favorite.

When we want to check the messages that we have marked as favorites. We simply have to go to the main WhatsApp menu (in which all the chats are found) and select the three points located in the upper right part of the screen. At this time, a menu will open and we will select the option of featured messages .

The messages will be sorted in reverse chronological order to which we have marked them as favorites.

DELETE MESSAGES – Whatsapp Tips And Tricks

One of the most useful options that WhatsApp allows us today is the possibility of deleting messages from chat conversations .

The deletion of the messages may be of those that we have received. So that they do not appear in our chat with a person in case someone checks our mobile, and for messages that we have sent.

In the case of the messages that we have sent, we can choose the option to delete only for us or to delete for all the members that are participating in the conversation.

When we delete a message just for us, our partners will not receive any kind of notification. However, if we have deleted the message for everyone, a message will appear in the form of a speech bubble that will indicate “message deleted.”

To delete a message we just need to long press on it and select the trashcan icon in the top chat bar .

SEARCH MESSAGES – Whatsapp Tips And Tricks

A friend has sent us the address of the place where we have stayed but we do not remember exactly. After that message, hundreds of messages, memes and other bullshit have been sent through that chat. 

In these cases, the option to search for messages is especially useful , thus avoiding having to scroll through conversations and reading over them.

We have two ways to search WhatsApp messages.

Within a specific chat

We must select the three points in the upper right of the screen, select the search option and type the keyword we want to find.

In the general menu

If we are in the general menu we will simply need to click on the magnifying glass and type in the desired keyword.


To know who has read the messages we have sent to a group, we must select with a long press our specific message about which we want to know the information.

Next, we must select the icon that contains a lowercase “i” .

At this time, a menu will open and we can know which recipients have received our message and who has read it.

However, it is an information that we have to take especially with tweezers since WhatsApp considers a message read if we have opened the chat with our recipient. And not if it has really been read, something that is likely to happen in a very busy chat .


There are times when we have our hands busy , such as when we are cooking, and we can not grab the mobile to send a WhatsApp.

Fortunately, the Google assistant allows us to send a WhatsApp only through voice commands.

The good part of all this is that it can be done very simply. The bad part is that sometimes he writes what he wants.