October 1, 2022


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instagram shadow banning

Shadow banning instagram

Shadow Banning Definition

Shadowbanning or Ghost banning has become a new tool that social media companies use to demote any user’s content who may have violated some of their policies. But rather than explicitly banning or notifying them, these companies reduce the follower’s engagement on their page. Shadow banning instagram, in general, can be defined as when you post content on your page. But that is not being shown on your follower’s page or when your followers are not able to receive your content as a part of their most-viewed algorithm.

Still, they can access your content by directly going to your page, which is a more difficult way to access the content. It is necessary to understand if you are shadow banned or just the slight change in algorithm that has reduced your page’s engagement (which usually happens for a short period). 

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Shadow banning instagram

Sometimes the user can publish a video or any other content that doesn’t violate any policies. However, that content can still be less surfaced because the content “brushes up” against its policies. Some companies like Twitter have put forward their stance on shadow banning by clearly saying that they don’t shadow ban their users.

Some other companies have yet not put forward their stance on this social affliction, like YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram. However, these companies are often noted for shadow banning their users. Since shadow banning is not defined in the digital world, there are surely some symptoms you can look for to know if you are the victim of this social media affliction.


Sudden decrease in your follower engagement or number. The most common symptom of Shadowbanning has reduced follower engagement on your social media page. Influencers have often noted that they are usually shadowbanned when there is a sudden decrease in their views, likes, or in general less engagement. This is usually the first symptom that is noted to identify if you are shadowbanned or not.

Decrease in views – This is a pretty relative phenomenon since there is less engagement on your page, the views will also be reduced drastically, and so the likes and comments. It becomes pretty evident that you are shadowbanned after there is a sudden decrease in your content views. This happens because your followers cannot access your content without directly going to your profile or page.

Shadowbanning in the long term can be proven very dangerous for the content creator if it remains undetectable. It can cause long-term damage to the creator because it will not explicitly prevent you from posting content but gradually decrease your view time and follower engagement.

This can be very hazardous because social media algorithms work so that people see things that the company wants to show them. Going on a influencer’s profile and then accessing their content can be very tiring and frustrating. So eventually, the influencer will lose all the followers if he/she is shadowbanned. It can leave the creator questioning about what they are doing wrong.