September 25, 2022


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Tricks With Instagram Stories And Whatsapp Images

Tricks with Instagram Stories

The same happens with Instagram as with WhatsApp . The two applications have become the most popular within their range; However, it is still difficult to prevent other users from seeing what content we read or view. Despite this, there are somewhat rudimentary methods by which it can be achieved.

In the case of Instagram, if a user does not want to know that he has seen a ” storie “, those publications with a duration of 24 hours , there is a procedure to achieve it. First, you must enter the Instagram application for smartphone so that the “stories” of the accounts that follow are loaded.

Once this is done, you must exit the photographic “app” and click on the “Settings” of the phone and put it in “ Airplane Mode ”. After performing this procedure, you can return to the application and view all the “stories” you want without risk that the one who has uploaded them will find out.

There are other ways to achieve this, such as seeing the “storie” in question and immediately blocking who has uploaded it . And is that Instagram does not allow a user to check any information of an account that has blocked it, or even when it is related to their instant posts. Despite this, the “Airplane Mode” option is simpler and recommended .

Whatsapp Trick To Send Images With Great Quality

We have phones with better cameras, capable of capturing photographs in great detail, but many of the digital services we use often reduce quality when sent to a contact. It is not the end of the world but sometimes you need to share a document in an original way and through these platforms it is not always the best option. WhasApp, the main instant messaging service, happens three quarters of the same.

The problem is recurring because if files are sent directly they are compressed and therefore lose resolution. But, luckily, there is a little trick that allows you to solve this headache. It is a simple and accessible way for anyone to avoid, in this way, use additional services such as Dropbox, Drive, Google Photos or WeTransfer .

Theirs is to “fool” WhatsApp by believing that you are going to share a document with a contact instead of a photograph. Thus, if this option is chosen, users can access the original file. This function changes if iOS or Android is used. In the case of the iPhone, you just have to open a chat window (individual or group) and open the menu that appears from the icon. Then, you have to go to the “Document” tab.

What happens is that before carrying out this step, the images must be uploaded to the Apple cloud storage service, iCloud, which can be easily managed from the “Files” application. Then, as is obvious, select the material to be transferred.

In the case of Android it is necessary to follow the same operation, but you can more easily navigate through the different folders of the operating system and select the place where the image files are stored.