November 25, 2022


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Instagram Latest News | New Instagram Update Today 2021

New Instagram Update Today 2021 prepares two big changes related to stories (the ephemeral posts that last less than 24 hours and that are displayed at the top of the main screen) for the next updates of its application. Some modifications that focus on the way that the social network shows us the stories and what can be published in them.

A series of changes that seem inspired by the Chinese social network Tik Tok , which is very popular with teenagers.

Instagram Latest News

The first change Instagram is considering is removing the option to share feed posts in Stories. A change that could reduce the visibility and reach of the posts of some profiles.

It is a relatively common option that users use to display photos shared by other users in their stories for a period of 24 hours. In addition, it is also a technique that influencers use to give visibility to other profiles or a resource of their own to maximize the reach or refloat old images published by themselves .

Its limitation, according to the tests that Instagram is doing, would have the objective of avoiding the repetition of content already published. The social network Instagram has disabled the option to share posts in stories to some users in the countries where this test is being carried out.

The purpose, according to the social network, is to offer more specific content to improve the experience of its users.

Those affected by these changes came across a notification in which Instagram indicated that the rest of Instagram users ” want to see fewer posts in stories .”

Meanwhile, Instagram claims that at the moment it is only a test that is being carried out in certain parts of the world.

New Instagram Update Today 2021

The second of the great changes that instagram is working on is a redesign of the stories by changing their horizontal navigation to vertical navigation as happens in Tik Tok.

This change in Instagram, still in development , has been discovered by computer scientist Alessandro Paluzzi, when reviewing the application code.The tests have been officially confirmed by Instagram to the publication TechCrunch.

The network maintains that it is “a prototype that is not being tested” on the social network.