September 24, 2022


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trends on instagram today

Hot trends on Instagram | Spotify

#1 Guides

In 2020, Instagram launched the “Guide” feature, thanks to which you can create step-by-step instructions and collections.  Some users call this feature “Tips”. Lets see trends on instagram today.

A travel guide is a reference or long article that brings together related publications, places, or products. This is a type of content that helps the audience understand a topic or product, tells about a blogger or things that are interesting to him.

To create such a guide, click on the plus sign, then “Guide”, select the type of guide and add the necessary items.

The instructions will appear in a separate tab.  Publications from the section can be sent as a personal message and published in the story.

How to use it?

Tell about yourself – pick up posts where you talk about your life and principles.

Tell about the product – include posts with your products, services and valuable information about them in the selection.

Create useful content for subscribers – add interesting places and posts of other bloggers on your topic to the guide.

This is one of the Instagram trends of 2021, which will be fully revealed in the new year.

#2 Video format, vertical video on Instagram

 If earlier Instagram was exclusively a platform for photos, today there are more and more Instagram visual trends that are related to video.

At first, Instagram simply allowed to publish videos, then connected the IGTV format, in 2020 the Reels format became available for most countries – short “sticky” videos to music, like in TikTok.

 If we look at popular accounts, we can see that the ratio of photos to videos will be at least 1 video to 6 photos.

#3 Applying filters to Stories directly on Instagram

 A couple of years ago, it was unpresentable to use internal Instagram filters that could be applied to a photo.  Many bloggers processed pictures for stories in other applications, and then uploaded them to Instagram.

 Now there are so many filters on Instagram that are created by users themselves, that among them you can easily select several attractive ones and use them for your account.

#4 Original story calls for reactions

 Just like feed posts, your Stories need reactions for the algorithm to show them to more users.  Those who know about this, enter into a struggle for attention and reactions.

#5 Ignore hate, fight bullying, accept yourself and support others

 This is not a new Instagram trend; the platform has been fighting bullying since 2019.  The company has pledged to fight aggressive online behavior and is announcing new products.  AI-powered developments help users avoid harsh criticism.

 Comments go through filters that work better and better every year in any language.  For example, if you decide to write an offensive comment to someone, Instagram will ask you to think about whether it is really worth posting.

#6 Co-broadcasts

 Live streaming helps bloggers and businesses get closer to subscribers and increase customer loyalty.  People see you alive, read emotions in the moment, and can ask questions.  And if the broadcast is joint, then it is also a great opportunity to exchange audiences with the guest of the broadcast and delve into those topics that would be difficult for you to reveal on your own.

You can change your audience even before the live broadcast – just advertise each other and announce your joint live broadcast in Stories.

#7 Battles

This is another way to quickly exchange audiences with another blogger.  Battle on Instagram is an online struggle between bloggers, where they ask each other tasks, and the one who coped with everyone and did it better than the other wins.

 Tasks sometimes turn out to be very cruel – bloggers set fire to their clothes, lie in the bathroom with cockroaches, tape themselves over with duct tape. These are the hot trends in s


The innovative Swedish company offers both premium and free ad-supported music streaming services to users around the world – the undisputed leader in the music streaming segment.

The company’s shares in 2020 performed very well: growth of more than 113%.  On the negative side, Spotify is showing losses so far, while on the positive side is the monthly growth in active users: in the third quarter to 170 million, + 31% year on year, as well as an increase in the number of premium subscribers by 27% year on year.  Free cash flow is showing improvement.

Spotify’s competitors in the fast-growing streaming market are Apple and Amazon.  Some of the strategic steps a company takes to compete may pay off in the future.  For example, Spotify is investing in a variety of content, including exclusive deals on podcasts and video content, which could help keep its accelerated growth.

The company can also benefit in the future by generating and using user base data: how many hours listeners spend on the platform, user preferences, demographic characteristics.  This data can be a very profitable asset and help attract more advertisers to the company’s platform.  Experts conclude that Spotify is one of the best music industry stocks to add to an investor’s portfolio next year.

Music Streaming Company

Music streaming services Spotify has revealed the names of the most listened artists and bands around the world this year.  The first place went to Bad Bunny – a romantic performer of Latin and reggaeton music famously mixed with trap, rap and dub.

 His songs on Spotify have been listened to a record 8.3 billion times.  Although this performer sings not in the main language of pop music – English, but in his native Spanish.  By the way, his Dakiti (together with Jhay Cortez) collected a tremendous 242 million views on YouTube in just one month.

If you are a new user of this site, you can buy Spotify auditions on verified services and enter the top too. Grow Spotify listeners and become popular.

The five most popular performers are also rappers Drake (Canada), Jay Balvin (Columbia), Juice WRLD (USA).  Canadian Weeknd is the leader in the “Most Listened Song ” category.  Track The Blinding Lights.  In 2020, listened to 1.6 billion times.

The five most popular performers already look like this: Billie Eilish, Taylor Swift, Ariana Grande (all – USA), Dua Lipa (UK), Halsey (USA).  On July 15, Spotify launched in Russia.  You can listen to songs on this service for free with advertising.