November 27, 2022


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PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X to be released

X-Box Series X And PlayStation 5 To Be Released In 2020 By Microsoft And Sony

Playstation and Xbox  Series X

The beginning of the next generation of consoles is near. Both Sony and Microsoft are already heating engines for the launch of their new machines that will arrive at the end of 2020. The American company, meanwhile, presented both the name and the appearance of Xbox Series X at the awards gala of The Game Awards and the Japanese company has already revealed some aspects of its console in recent months. 

There is still a year ahead for both PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X to be released, but both companies are already showing their cards and, although it sounds strange, both have much in common.

The most substantial difference between the two will be its exclusive titles, a battle that Sony has been taking for a few years, but that from Microsoft have promised a greater effort to offer great works only for Xbox X. Another of the points where it is not They seem to be the subject of virtual reality. 

In addition, it is expected that both platforms will have a similar price, come to show an 8K screen resolution and bet fully on weight developments such as ray tracing technology or SSD storage, which will make both development and loading times of games be much faster.  

Technical specifications

Both consoles will bet fully on ray tracing technology that allows light to be reflected in a more realistic way. In addition, both PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X will come with SSD storage, something that will both shorten development times and make the loading of games much faster. 

Microsoft and Sony are also using the latest Navi processors from AMD so that their consoles are faster than ever and have opted for a GDDR6 RAM . PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X will be able to display images up to 8K.


PlayStation currently has PlayStation Plus and Playstation Now , while Xbox has Xbox Game Pass and Xbox Live Gold and Project xCloud . What is clear is that we will surely see how all these services will be implemented naturally in the new consoles, but it is not clear that it will reinforce each of the companies.

Surely, Microsoft will further boost its service in the cloud and Sony will increasingly give importance to its streaming platform, where the American company is winning the game. 

Virtual reality

For the Japanese company, virtual reality remains one of its main pillars to build its future and we will surely see a new version of its VR glasses that already has a patent that shows that it will be wireless and will have a more refined design. 

As for Microsoft, they believe that virtual reality is not a priority and they see it as a technology typical of the video game market for computers

Exclusive titles

Sony has been winning Microsoft for a few years with many titles of unquestionable quality: Uncharted 4, Marvel’s Spider-Man, God of War or Bloodborne , to name a few. While Xbox, despite the good titles that have been released for sale as the recent Gears 5 or Forza Horizon have failed to be at the same level. 

The PlayStation trend is clear that it will continue to be continuous and will bet on continuing to focus its strategy on high-end exclusives.

For its part, Microsoft also wants to enhance these types of games and will put all their efforts into doing so. 

At the moment, we have confirmation that the American company is developing Halo Infinite , the continuation of one of the most interesting shooters of the decade, while Sony’s are simple speculations such as the second part of Marvel Spider-Man or God of War 2

Backward compatibility

In this field, Xbox won the game to its direct competitor offering the possibility of playing all the titles released on Xbox 360 and Xbox on its Xbox One and it seems that it will follow the same path in the future Xbox Series X

As for PlayStation, the current console of the company set aside backward compatibility and PlayStation 4 could only enjoy titles of this system. It seems that they want to amend their mistake, since PlayStation 5 will allow you to enjoy games of past generations, but at the moment it is not known if it will only be PS4, of all the consoles of the brand or if it will offer cross buy, that is , if I only have the digital version of the title instead of physics I can play it on PS5. 


They are still mere rumors, but it is estimated that both consoles will have a similar price. PlayStation 5 will be around 450 euros and Xbox Series X will move in the same price range, that is, between 400 and 500 euros. 

It is also expected that both consoles will also offer a Pro version that will be more expensive, but no particular price is estimated from the latter. 

The PlayStation 5 controller already knows that it will come with hápitca vibration. This means that if we are driving a car or shooting shots with a weapon, the vibration will act totally differently. In addition, you will have adaptive triggers that will allow you to feel different levels of resistance. It will weigh more, for example, if we are lifting something very heavy and it will be easier to press it if what we take is very light. 

As for its design, it will remain very similar to that of previous generations, since all the news and evolution will take it inside. 

As for Xbox, its design and name are already known. The Xbox Wireless Controller will have a more refined design and will have a share button to make sharing screenshots and videos much easier. It will also inherit the advanced crosshead of the Xbox Elite Series 2 controller


Xbox Series X is one step ahead as it presented its design at The Game Awards. Microsoft is committed to a console that resembles a PC with this vertical and elongated format.As for Sony, we only know the images of its development kit, so it is still impossible to predict what the final look will be .