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Best games to play with friends | New Video Games PS4

Best Games And Versions

We have mentioned some of the best games that are going to release in 2020. Lets look into the games and versions that people all around the world waiting for.

Metro Redux

Deep Silver and 4A Games  are pleased to announce that  Metro Redux,  the latest double collection of best games .

Which includes the final versions of both  Metro 2033 and Metro: Last Light .They will be released on  February 28, 2020 on Nintendo Switch

Developed internally by  4A Games  and including two complete campaigns that combine to create an epic solo adventure.

Metro Redux will immerse players in one of the most evocative worlds of best games fully developed for Nintendo Switch.

Hunt: Showdown 

It has found a new editor and is that  Crytek  has announced that  Koch Media  will act in the future as editor of Hunt: Showdown on  PlayStation 4 and Xbox One .

Koch Media will be responsible for global releases in stores and in digital format of the best games on these platforms.

The expanded collaboration with Koch Media continues after the successful launch in Hunt: Showdown for PC stores in 2019.

Crytek will continue to work Hunt: Showdown and will be editor of the PC version on Steam. Both companies will work together to provide the best possible gaming experience on all platforms.

fantasy games
Fantasy games


FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE  will be released for PlayStation 4 on 04/10/2020 with voices in Japanese, English, French and German . It is available with subtitles in English, French, Italian, German, Spanish and Brazilian Portuguese.

The Awakening of Galakrond

On January 21, the players will take flight in. The expected single-player adventure that marks the closing of the Year of the Dragon and is that The Descent of the Dragons.

 The next expansion of Hearthstone, the successful game. Blizzard Entertainment’s free-to-play digital card is the culmination of the final battle. It is between the most powerful heroes and the most evil villains in Azeroth.

The story unfolds over two campaigns. In one of them, players will fight for the  League of EVIL to execute the vile plan of archivillano Rafaam and resurrect Galakrond, the father of all dragons.

In the other they will lead the intrepid  League of Expeditionaries to disrupt the plans of the Wicked and save the world.

Call of Duty

Call of Duty Modern Warfare Aimbot is the sixteenth passage in the Call of Duty series and is likewise a reboot of the Modern Warfare series. The story has been depicted to be hazier and more reasonable than past Call of Duty games. It is set in the Black Ops timetable, separate from the other Modern Warfare games (in any case, characters, for example, Captain Price and other fan top picks from the series make a return. The game was formally uncovered on May 30, 2019, and delivered on October 25, 2019.

The subsequent fundamental fight royale portion in the Call of Duty establishment, named Call of Duty: Warzone, was delivered in March 2020, as a piece of the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare computer game yet doesn’t need acquisition of it. The title surpassed 50 million players in the primary month after discharge.

Updates for previous versions

The Awakening of Galakrond  is the culmination of the year-long plot that has developed in  Hearthstone throughout 2019-the Year of the Dragon .

The Awakening of Galakrond  also means a return to the original format of the single-player adventures of the game.

Where players will tackle a series of unique encounters against bosses using pre-built decks to get 35 new collectible cards.

Once obtained, these cards can be added to the decks of the standard and wild modes, which will bring new and fun possibilities to transform the metagame.

By completing the story mode with the MAL League and the Expeditionary League, players will unlock the heroic mode. This will allow them to face more difficult versions of the encounters with their own decks, made up of any card in the collection.

The Awakening of Galakrond  consists of four separate parts that will be released every week from January 21 .

Each of them is divided between a chapter for the League of EVIL. Another for the League of Expeditionaries, which means that the adventure offers eight chapters in total.

Each part can be purchased individually for € 6.99 or 700 gold of the game, but you can also purchase the full package.

The first part, The Battle of the Frost Coast, will be available on January 21. And all players can enjoy the history of the MAL League for  free to get four new cards if they complete it.

For a limited time, players who pre-purchase the complete pack will receive a golden classic envelope along with the full adventure.

The Awakening of Galakrond  will be available to Hearthstone  on Windows or Mac computers; on Windows, iOS and Android tablets; and on mobile devices.

Top Best Games – DRAGON BALL Z

In  DRAGON BALL Z: KAKAROT , players will relive the unforgettable story of DRAGON BALL Z in a completely new way. A few days after the launch, the players will feel like in the series as they will put themselves in the shoes of Kakarot .

They will star in their great adventure, either training to become stronger, looking for new challenges . Reliving their great battles to protect the Earth from the most powerful villains in the universe.

The Surge 2

The release date of the Kraken  expansion of The Surge 2 , the acclaimed RPG action game from  Deck 13, has just been released .This will be released on January 16  on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

The Kraken adds hours of narrative content based on the argument with a new story.The location, as well as a lot of new weapons, implants and armor to discover and create.

On the outskirts of Jericho City , enter the VBS Krakow, a huge aircraft carrier dismantled once used as a refuge for the rich and famous.

Fight against pirate robots, disturbed security systems and a great new final boss.Each with their own unique combat mechanics. Fight hard and discover the truth behind this desolate military ship!

Get each of the downloadable content of The Surge 2 Premium Edition , which not only includes the Kraken Expansion.

But also a lot of new content to discover, such as the URBN Gear Pack. The Public Enemy Weapon Pack weapon set and the recent Jericho’s Legacy Gear Pack .

The Kraken Expansion of The Surge 2 and the Premium Edition will be available for download on January 16 . In addition, all users of the Season Pass will have exclusive access 48 hours in advance , so they can start playing on January 14.

Download Pokemon

The Pokemon Company International and Nintendo have unveiled new downloadable content for the  Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield games .

Pokemon Sword: expansion pass and Pokemon Shield: expansion pass  will include. The Island of Armor and The Snows of the Crown .

The two new adventures that will allow Coaches to capture new Pokemon , meet different characters and explore new areas of the Galar region .

Available best games exclusively for Nintendo Switch, Pokemon Sword  and Pokemon Shield family consoles .

They are the fastest Nintendo Switch games that have reached a historic sales volume. The deliveries of Pokemon that have produced the most profits.

With more than six million units sold worldwide during the weekend of their release.

The Pokemon Company International and Nintendo have also announced in a new Pokemon Direct.

This release revives the classic Pokemon Mysterious World: Red Rescue Team  and Pokemon Mysterious World: Blue Rescue Team.They were launched in Europe in 2006.

Pokemon Mysterious World: DX rescue team  will feature next-generation graphics. A drawing style dazzling and will go on sale on March 6, 2020, exclusively for Nintendo Switch family consoles.

Best Games - Pokemon

Pokemon Sword And Pokemon Escudo-Other Best Games

Coaches can take action in these new adventures with the same save data they are using in Pokemon Sword or Pokemon Shield.

The new territories, the Isle of Armor and the Snows of the Crown.They can be explored from almost any point in the history of the main game.

So, whether players have just started their adventure in Galar or are already on their way to becoming Champions or Champions. They will be able to enjoy all the news as soon as they are available.

The launch of  The Island of Armor  is scheduled for late June 2020 . The Snows of the Crown , for autumn of the same year .

Pokemon Sword: expansion pass  and Pokemon Shield. The expansion pass contain both content packs and can be booked as of today, January 9, 2020.

In addition, Coaches will also receive a gift for the purchase of their expansion pass. A Pikachu Uniform and an Eevee Uniform.

When you buy the expansion pass, you will get codes that can be redeemed for this special bonus on  Pokemon Sword or Pokemon Shield .

The island of armor

In this pack, the Trainers will reach the territory that bears the same name. It is a giant island full of environments that had never been seen in Galar, with beaches, forests, swamps, caves and even sand dunes.

It is the home of many Pokemon that live in freedom, enjoying the exuberant nature.  There is even a dojo specialized in training of the most particular.

Players will become apprentices of this dojo’s master along with their Pokemon and train hard to strengthen themselves further.

The snow of the crown-Another best game

The pack of additional content The snow of the crown takes place in the snowy landscape of the Snows of the Crown. Beautiful landscapes flooded with white snow are the characteristics of this territory.

The inhabitants of this icy area, surrounded by winter mountains, live in small communities and help each other. The Coaches will meet someone who will be in charge of leading an exploration that is being carried out.

And, as if that were not enough, they will have the opportunity to explore in depth the Pokemon nests. They had only been able to see in passing in Dinamax Raids.

Pokemon Mysterious World: DX rescue team

Pokemon Mysterious World: DX rescue team  takes place in a world inhabited only by Pokemon. When players open their eyes, they will see a Pokemon in front of them and can understand what it tells them .

After analyzing the situation, they will see that they themselves have become a Pokemon. From what it seems and according to what the Pokemon say they are, their world has suddenly begun to suffer a multitude of natural disasters.

With the problems they entail. The incarnated players in Pokemon will form a rescue team with a fellow Pokemon to help everyone in trouble.

People Waiting For Pokemon

To do this, they must answer a series of questions at the beginning of the game that will determine which Pokemon will be between 16. Then decide which other Pokemon, among them available, will accompany them in this new adventure.

Players will be able to accept rescue missions if they consult the Pelipper Messenger bulletin board . For example, or receive them directly in the base mailbox of their rescue team. As you complete these missions, your team’s rescue points will increase.

When they reach a certain number of points, the rank of your rescue team will increase. Your initial rank will be the Rookie Rank. The rescue team will gain experience as they overcome missions in pursuit of the range to which everyone aspires: the Gold Rank.

This world is full of mysterious territories in mountains, canyons, forests and other places. The terrain changes slightly each time a mysterious territory is accessed . Players must venture into them again and again to complete the rescue missions they receive.

This title can be played in any of the Nintendo Switch game modes – TV mode, desktop mode and portable mode .

Pokemon mystery dungeon

Trail Version Of Pokemon

In addition, the following features have been added to help players control their Pokemon .The progress in the game with ease regardless of whether it is their first game or not.

A trial version of Pokemon Mysterious World is now available . DX rescue team on the Nintendo eShop at no cost.

With this trial version you can play the first part of the story. Then transfer the saved data to the full version of the game when it goes on sale on March 6, 2020.

In addition, early download will also be available of  Pokemon Mystery Dungeon rescue team DX from the Nintendo eShop.