November 24, 2022


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Amazon Tablet | Kindle Fire Was Launched By Amazon | Tablet Fire

Amazon Tablet

Amazon launched its own tablet many years ago, the Tablet Fire which is now in its ninth generation. A device that does not aim at the high end, quite the opposite. The Fire series is one of the cheapest tablets on the market. We are not going to find a 2k screen or very refined designs, but rather a bit rough and its simple materials. In addition, the Fire Tablets are equipped with Fire OS. That is, we must forget about the Play Store and its applications. Amazon has many applications in its store, but they are not all.

The model we have tested is the 7-inch Tablet Fire, the cheapest in the range that costs only € 69.99 . Obviously, for that amount we are not going to get an outstanding tablet, but it is the best device we can buy within its price range. Frames and plastic predominate in the design, something that is a bit out of date for 2020. Thickness, weight and materials are the same among the devices with which it competes. Despite this, it is a sturdy, solid-looking device that can withstand the most intensive use. Due to its small size, it can be practically carried in your pocket. It is perfect for what it was designed for, consuming content such as books and video with total comfort.

Amazon Tablet

The screen is 1024×600, enough to play content, but far removed from what we are used to on our phones and computers. Will we be able to read books and watch movies? Perfectly, and more because Amazon has prepared the software and the screen for reading text. Brightness and color are sufficient for reading indoors, but insufficient for consuming content in bright sunlight.

Tablet Fire Specifications

The performance is also as expected to move the content to the screen resolution with the 1.3 Ghz Quad Core. Applications open fast enough, without much slowing down despite the discreet processor and having only 1 GB of RAM, which is scarce today. The 16GB storage capacity is adequate for the price, if we need more memory it can be expanded using the MicroSD card reader.

The battery, according to Amazon, should be approximately seven hours, and of course, it depends on the use we give it. With the brightness at maximum and playing video continuously, that figure is obviously low. But it is usually close to the time indicated by Amazon.

As for the software, as we mentioned before, the operating system of the Fire Tablet is not Android. But Fire OS, which means that there is no Play Store, nor Google applications such as Gmail or Youtube. Instead, Netflix, Prime Video, and books work like a charm. We will find the most basic software, Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, but the Amazon store obviously does not have the same number of applications as Google’s. Something that can be a bit annoying, is the continuous advertising of the Amazon store, as soon as the Tablet Fire is turned on, but there derives the low price of the tablet.

We can not forget the two megapixel rear camera and the front VGA. They will get us out of a hurry and they are used for video conferencing, but they are not any wonder.

Tablet Fire 7 is perfect for consuming Netflix and Prime Video content. In addition to books and articles, as well as games and applications. But for the € 69 it costs we will not find a better content player for travel.