September 24, 2022


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8 Ways To Drive Traffic To Your Website

8 Ways To Drive Traffic To Your Website

8 Ways To Drive Traffic To Your Website | Increase Website Traffic

8 Ways To Drive Traffic To Your Website
8 Ways To Drive Traffic To Your Website

8 Ways To Drive Traffic To Your Website

The number of bloggers are increasing day by day all over the world. Many businesses are starting their own websites. As the online presence is increasing,traffic for a website is very important. We have mentioned 8 Ways To Drive Traffic To Your Website.

#1 Keywords 

Use keyword planner and search for good keywords. Try to use good keywords in title, url, headings. Use those keywords on your blog post content also wherever required. If you use best keywords on your post, it can help you to get your into top places in the search engines. 

One important thing you have to keep in your mind while writing content is, keyword density. It should be less than 5%.So whenever you are writing a new blog post, take time to check for keywords. Seo quake is the famous plugin used by most bloggers. Always use alt tags for sure in the images. 

#2 Forums 

Search for the similar forums related to your website. Create new threads and post about  your website or blog posts in forums. Also search for others posts and try to comment your website urls or blog post urls wherever required. Read the forum rules. Because forums easily ban your accounts if you don’t follow the rules. Forums are the best form of getting traffic to your site. 

After writing the blog posts on your website .Now you have to make to your website viral.You can submit your site to other blog directories, press releases,  rss submission sites, Social bookmarking, Social networking sites, forums, blogs. You have to share your website as much as possible to get traffic through off page techniques like:

8 Digital Marketing Techniques | Increase Website Traffic

  1. Seo
  2. Guest blogging 
  3. Facebook marketing 
  4. YouTube marketing 
  5. Ppc
  6. Email marketing 
  7. LinkedIn
  8. Twitter, Pinterest,Reddit and more

#3 Guest blogging – Increase Website Traffic

There are many websites which gets  huge traffic. Search for good websites which allows to guest blogging. In some websites, you have register and add your content. They will check the content and approve it. Not all the websites approve your content immediately . In some websites You have to check the rules before submitting your content. 

#4 Ppc

You can get traffic to your site from search engines. By using Google adwords, you can do paid advertising for your site. PPC means Pay Per Click. You can set your budget for the Ads. For this you have to select keywords, so that the search engine shows your AD by showing them in the targeted places. 

#5 Fb advertising 

In Facebook, advertising and promotions are different. Facebook has millions of users. Facebook ads help you to target the places, ages, etc. It’s affordable to everyone one to generate traffic to your  sites. You can create a fb page for your website/blog and start posting your website in that page.You can promote your page.

#6 YouTube 

Create videos and publish them on your YouTube channel. So if anyone likes your videos, they can directly share the videos into their social networking accounts which helps you to get free traffic. You can do promotions to your site to increase the number of Free YouTube views for your videos. 

#7 Email marketing 

You  can send emails to the people so that you can get them to visit your site. If people gets subscribed to your site, you can send them emails of your website as Updates. Tell them about your future ideas or posts so that they don’t unsubscribe from your site. Add subscribe option on your website. If you have interesting content on your website, people may subscribe to your website. It is really good to have a list of email ids.

#8 Press release 

You can do press release about your business. We already had experience in our previous work. We wrote content for press release and submitted it to many press release websites. Some are free and other websites are paid.

You have to check the press release sites whether it is related to your website or not. Some websites submit your press release content immediately.They don’t even inform you that your press release content is posted.

Some websites sends you the URL in the mail that your content is posted.Press release on of the best technique to be followed by companies/publishers etc.