December 4, 2022


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How To Buy UPC Codes- A Complete Guide

Did you know that every item which is sold on Amazon comes with a special string of digits which is known as a Unique Product Code or an Amazon UPC code?  These codes may help to categorize the products on Amazon, where they can easily be searched and easily sold. But now you are confused about how to get the UPC codes because there are many choices. SnapUPC already researched and helped to guide you on how to find your UPC codes and where you can obtain and use them?

A Quick Overview of UPC Codes

A Universal Product Code (UPC), sometimes known as a “Barcode,” comes in a 12-digit code. It is used to scan the items which are sold online or in a store. It supports the specifications of GS1, which can help you to find if the product is real or against the terms of the amazon service.

Where Can You Purchase Amazon UPC Codes?

Every seller on Amazon is required to register a GTIN with every product which is listed on their market. The Amazon sellers also have the option to purchase legal UPC codes directly from the GS1 or via a reseller. Many resellers are trying to sell the duplicated UPC codes to satisfy the requirements of Amazon’s UPC codes. Many sellers buy the UPC codes from the other websites at a low price and resell them on amazon. However, it may cause more harm when you buy duplicated UPC code at a low price instead of buying your UPC code from GS1. Your seller account will automatically suspend due to the mismatching of the information which is found in the GS1 database.

What Should You Do With UPC Codes?

When you have purchased the UPC codes, then the next step is to connect physically or digitally with your products. Download the UPC and its number from the JPEGs for digital use, which is helpful to save the numeric codes in a worksheet. 

Enter these numbers into the section of your “Product ID” on your Amazon online store and choose the type of code which can easily be selected from the selection menu. (e.g. ASIN, EAN, GCID, GTIN, UPC).

If you’re using Amazon’s (FBA), then you have to directly attach the UPCs to the products. You can also buy adhesive barcode labels. You can also print the UPC images on them and stick them on the products. Make sure it’s visible and scannable — on the front or back, which is preferable, but the sides aren’t.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to selling on Amazon, collecting the UPC codes in the right way from many is not easy to consider. However, SnapUPC is just like your back pocket; you can save a lot of time and get things done right away. As well as, you can sign up for a free trial and start actively changing the prices of your products so you can always have the most attractive offers.