September 24, 2022


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Film production roles | Film production jobs

Film production roles

In a film shoot we find all kinds of professional profiles; so many, that they have to be grouped into teams: the director, the technical, artistic, sound, post-production. But one of the least known about its functions is the film production roles, and today we are going to talk about all the members that comprise it.

Film production roles
Film production roles


Previously we saw the types of film producers that exist and these are key in the production team, Produktfilm. The producer is the person who invests the money in the film, we could call him its owner.

Production director

But the person who organizes all the technical part is not the producer, but the production manager. Make the plan that must be followed, find the way to shoot the film more efficiently and economically and know the rest of the teams perfectly.

Executive producer

When the film project is large-scale, a person is needed to find investors and personally take charge of the budget management; that’s where the figure of the executive producer comes in.-Designs and develops the project, according to a production scale. It is responsible for the expenses incurred in this period.
-Establishes and maintains the relationship with the director.
-Decide on the choice of the main cast and manage their hiring.
-Approve the work plan and budget, including subsequent modifications.
-Adjust the income calendar to the payment calendar.
-It takes part in the decision of the elements that make up the soundtrack and manages their hiring.
-It controls and monitors the production and post-production process until the delivery of the standard copy, mainly in everything that concerns the final result of the film.

Production manager

But without a doubt one of the essentials in a production team is the production manager; is responsible for the production of the shoot. Control expenses, times, coordinate staff. In short, he is the one who supervises that everything goes as planned following the production plan.-Prepare and manage the work plan and budget.
-Make the payment schedule.
-If required, manage the hiring of the main cast.
-Hires and manages human resources (artistic and technical), materials and logistics, according to the approved work plan and budget.
-Manages and supervises the production process, including the work order and all the documentation generated during the process.
-If required, it manages and supervises the post-production process.
-Supervises compliance with the company’s occupational risk prevention plan.
-It controls and monitors the budget throughout the process and until the completion of its contractual commitment, resulting in the delivery of a balance sheet, if required.

Production Assistant

Together with the former and the production director, he is the one who manages the locations: requesting permits, reaching agreements, negotiating prices, etc. It also organizes the technical staff as to where they should be placed, planning schedules, trips, meals, meetings with the team .

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