October 1, 2022


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Top iPhone Application Development Trends To Watch Out In 2021


Mobile app development is an evolving and competitive space. A survey by Statista found that the revenue generated from the mobile app development market is expected to exceed $581.9 billion in 2021.

In order to stay ahead of the competition, app development companies are focussing their energies on building user-friendly, high-functional, and interactive applications, using the latest technology, and a futuristic approach. With smartphones emerging as the most potent modern digital technology, consumers can now access any service or avail any amenity with the click of a button.

Rapid technological advancements in the mobile app development arena have led to significant disruptions in the industry, and the growth of iOS and other operating systems have been a catalyst for this growth. A journey that began with basic application features has now moved to the next level, with revolutionary software and data engineering that has been built using top-end technologies like augmented reality, virtual reality, machine learning, and Artificial Intelligence.

If you’re looking at capturing a large number of smartphone users, then Android app development is a good fit for you. However, if your goal is to monetize your application to the maximum, then iPhone app development is the road to travel on. This also makes iPhone applications a huge hit with most fast-growing businesses.

Seeing how fast and how far we have come in the area of mobile app development, let us take a peek into the future to discover the top trends in the iOS app development world.

iOS App Development Trends to Look Out For

iOS app developers can analyze and gain insights into how to develop future-ready applications by understanding the latest trends that are sweeping across the industry. So let’s get a sneak peek into what technological landmarks they should be looking out for in the year ahead.

Premium security features

Security has become critical for modern app development. And iOS incorporates advanced security algorithms to ace in this area. Apple is famed for its deep-running security layers and strict policies that do not allow hackers to breach into its systems and devices. However, today hacking has become a serial occupation and the rate of hacking attacks is rising phenomenally, making use of the smallest windows of opportunity.

Apple has repeatedly reiterated its commitment to making its devices hack-proof. For instance, with regard to the password `Autofill’ feature, Apple has deployed an `ASWebAuthentication Session’ concept that helps coordinate relevant website data and cookies in the sign-in process. Using this feature, Apple devices use the authentication service frameworks for incorporating password manager applications.

A super-advanced AI-powered Siri

This new iOS trend has created a buzz. The Apple personal assistant has already gained fame for its advanced functionality and features. Adding an AI component to Siri has taken it to a whole new level. Reports claim that now the probability of Siri providing the right answer has shot up to 70 percent, making it more powerful and accurate than Amazon’s Alexa or Microsoft’s Cortona.

Siri continues to gain new superpowers with every new iOS version. Apple has also introduced the pathbreaking Siri Kit to help with the easy integration of the latest Siri advancements and features.

The introduction of ARKit and Augmented Reality in iOS

AR is emerging as the new way forward for iPhone app development services. This was marked by the rolling out of the advanced ARKit along with the release of the iOS 11 version. This kit will help iOS app developers to create virtual-based 3-D mobile application platforms for users. As another feather in the cap, Amazon recently tied up with Apple to incorporate the ARKit innovation to offer high-end experiences to its users.

In collaboration with Amazon, Apple’s ARKit will offer new, one-of-a-kind experiences to modern users that will include an element of virtual reality and augmented reality into their services. Using this tool, businesses and their clients will be able to view things in an advanced virtual environment.

Wearable apps

The technology world is abuzz with the concept of wearables today. Wearable apps are designed for devices like fitness bands, smartwatches, and trackers. These devices have gained immense traction with users as they help keep tabs on vital health parameters like heart rate, blood pressure, and sleep patterns. Wearable applications have taken the field of iPhone app development by storm, especially during the course of the pandemic when the focus shifted to healthcare in a big way.

Wearable apps are now moving to another level of technological progress. For example, the Apple Watch 5 comes with the capability to make electrocardiograms or read if a user is having an attack by analyzing the pulse rate. Besides, Apple has also announced that the Apple Watch 6 will be fully integrated with the Apple App Store. This opens a whole new world for businesses to develop applications that can be accessed by the Apple smartwatch.

Smart rings are another wearable device that is climbing up the popularity ladder. This device is also getting a new makeover, with path-breaking features like a panic button or car lock.

Cloud integration

Cloud is the new tech trend. And iOS app development is a big part of this bandwagon. Cloud-based iOS apps help users organize and store huge amounts of data online. Mobile applications that harness the power of the cloud reach a wider audience and can manage complex tasks and handle large storage. This, in turn, boosts productivity and is beneficial for both developers and users.

The benefits that cloud iOS apps offer include a capacity to store large amounts of data, provide a fool-proof backup for devices and a safe replica of documents, scalability, cost-effectiveness, and security.


Blockchain powers mobile applications to provide complete security to protect information in the form of cryptocurrency and smart contracts. By deploying this technology organizations can ensure that nobody tracks their transactions, data exchanges, or documents and that their data centers become impenetrable. Blockchain has been successfully used in anti-piracy, swarm robotics, and asset tokenization.

iBeacon technology

This is another innovative technology from the house of Apple products to look out for in the coming year. Beacon roughly translates to wireless transmitters that enable users to send signals using Bluetooth technology. When a connection is established, a push notification along with a set of messages is received by the user’s device.

Let’s explain this with an example. A user is crossing an electronic shop and the iBeacon sensors on his phone are activated when he reaches within a certain proximity. The user receives instant notifications about the new product line-up and discount deals available at the shop in order to excite him to visit. This technology provides new and uncharted ways for businesses in the retail space to reach out to potential buyers.

To Sum Up

The total number of iOS apps is almost touching the 2 million mark. This makes it imperative for iPhone app developers to stay up to date with the latest iOS application development trends in order to ensure that their apps stay on top of the charts and rank high in visibility and downloads. It’s a competitive space out there and staying in tune with the trends marks the thin line between the success and failure of your iOS mobile application.