September 25, 2022


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tiktok was banned by the US

Does tiktok collect user data | Tiktok banned in us

Does tiktok collect user data

Yes. Tiktok took advantage of a bug in Android to identify its users. A TikTok will continue to grow dwarfs because of privacy. Last week the president of the United States, Donald Trump, issued an executive order to veto the popular Chinese “app“. Now the newspaper ” The Wall Street Journal ” has mentioned that tiktok used a hole for 15 months. Security, existing in Android devices, to access the information of the MAC addresses of the smartphones of its users.

These addresses are unique identifiers assigned by manufacturers to the card of devices with an internet connection, such as a “smartphone” or a computer. They allow an application to track a device and identify it. Thus, reading the MAC allows sites with advertising interests to better understand and profile users.

Since 2013, Apple has not allowed any application to be able to access this code, which is also unique on each device. In 2015, Android, owned by Google, did the same. However, and according to the US media, TikTok chose to bypass this restriction. Tiktok started taking advantage of an existing bug in Android until November 18, 2019.

According to the American media, for at least 15 months, the application was collecting MAC addresses. As well as an extensive list of personal data, at the time it was downloaded to a device and opened for the first time. It then took all this information and sent it directly to the servers of the (still) proprietary company: the Chinese ByteDance.

tiktok collect user data
tiktok collect user data

TikTok And Its Privacy Policy

Despite its popularity, sustained by more than 2 billion downloads worldwide, TikTok has been in the eye of the storm for years due to its privacy policies. And it is that the service, based on the publication of funny music videos. It places all the content that is shared inside as public. In other words, all the videos that are produced can be consulted by anyone who has downloaded the application on their mobile phone. It can be regardless of the age of the person who employs it. Furthermore, the platform’s ranking algorithm is designed to offer the user the content that best suits their browsing history, even without having previously registered.

Also, the application, which is owned by the Chinese company ByteDance, collects a large list of personal data. As this newspaper has verified, the service, created in 2018. After the merger with, accumulates information on the browsing history, geolocation, mobile device model. Tiktok even periodically reads up to the clipboard used at the time of the that a user copies and pastes. It is also believed that a cadre of “influencers” has been artificially deployed to generate even more addiction among British users.

If Huawei is considered by the US government as an instrument with links to the Asian government. It is believed that this “app” is yet another leg of those close relationships. Although it has not yet been proven. In fact, the owner company claims that the data is hosted on servers outside of China.