September 25, 2022


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youtube vs tiktok

tiktok is for short videos

Youtube Vs Tiktok | Will Youtube shorts end the success of Tiktok app

Youtube Vs Tiktok : Tiktok is the most downloaded applications in recent years-shorts

The club of the 1,000 million active users per month is very select where a few arrive. Whatsapp, Instagram, Facebook, WeChat, Youtube. And since last year, TikTok . Youtube vs tiktok has great competition in the recent years.

In addition, this Chinese app has done so by breaking speed records, like its videos. Quick and short. This brilliant ascent, is one of the most successful platforms among adolescents, has raised suspicion among the great technologies.

Youtube to Shorts tab | Youtube vs Tiktok

The fastest to react, the managers of Facebook. Thus ended in the Zuckerberg Whatsapp and Instagram universe. However, this time it is Google who has moved the tab . According to The Information, YouTube is preparing a section that it has named Shorts(short videos) . The video platform wants to protect its content creators and bring them back to their audience, now more interested in TikTok.

At the moment, according to the leaked information, Shorts will not be launched as a separate app, but will become a new section in the YouTube app . With this tool, users will have the possibility to create their short videos in the Youtube application .You upload it directly to Google’s online video platform.

youtube vs tiktok
short videos on youtube

In addition, it will also allow the inclusion of music through the company’s agreements with the music industry, according to sources close to the matter. The first great rival of TikTok arrives, but, yes, its arrival is not expected until the end of this 2020 . At the moment, YouTube is silent about it.

TikTok shorts (short videos), the recent phenomenon

With only four years of life, Bytedance has managed to break the hegemony of the great American technology companies among the younger audience. Although the success is more recent after the purchase of the famous for 1,000 million in 2017.

The secret formula is the ease of creating and sharing videos, a recipe that unleashes ingenuity on the platform. The videos last less than a minute. Although the truth is that most of them barely exceed 15 seconds and the theme is mainly musical.

At the beginning of 2018, the app, available for iOS and Android. It had just over 60 million users and at the end of last year, the resistance of the 1,000 million users was already history.

In this time of confinement, TikTok, along with video call apps, reigns supreme in the top downloads for Android and iOS. A trend that has been marking since the beginning of the year. Since TikTok was downloaded by nearly 113 million users of the App Store and Google Play worldwide in February.By making it the best month of the application for facilities and income based on Sensor Tower Store Intelligence estimates.