November 25, 2022


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Security Aspect of Your iOS Mobile Application

Security Aspect of Your iOS Mobile Application – A Developer’s Guide

It is crucial for all iOS developers to be aware of security in code as well as data storage security, secure data communications, and more. While iOS mobile applications aren’t as secure as other mobile platforms, it has its own set of security weaknesses. Every iPhone app development company or developer needs to ensure that the code is secure, the logic is sound, and the data and communication are safe. The code will thus be protected from any tampering and understanding by an intruder.

Security Challenges in iOS: An Overview

With great iPhone app development services comes a lot of security challenges. Read the challenges below. Also, it is advisable to hire iOS app developers from an established iPhone app development company to get rid of these security challenges.

  1. Unprotected Communication

The application is able to communicate with the server via a non-secure connection, like HTTP. It is dangerous and could lead to possible and simple attacks.

  1. Data Leaks

Storing sensitive information such as secret keys, access tokens and API credentials in a sloppy manner is a risk. It could lead to the unauthorized access or theft of personal information of users.

  1. Man in the Middle Attack

Utilizing the known methods of fake Certificate Authority on device, attackers could impersonate the target and then decrypt traffic. This could result in the leak of sensitive information that could expose other security holes.

Top Security Practices to Follow

For best security practices, look to hire iOS app developers from a top-notch iPhone app development company.

  1. Local Data Storage

Avoid using NSUserDefaults as well as Plist documents to save sensitive information like passwords, authentication tokens API keys. This is because the data saved by NSUserDefaults is stored in an unencrypted format within an unencrypted file. This file is located within the directory Library Preferences> $AppBundleId.plist within the application bundle.

  1. Enable Debug Logs

Developers log their console entries to help debug code, but many developers don’t realize that logs are by default public . Anyone who connects a smartphone to the mac can access the console logs. We should not log sensitive data and utilize options in the system. Like with the os_log utility with placeholders that hide personal information from debug messages.

  1. Web Views

Web pages embedded in applications are typically sandboxed by operating systems and frameworks. It is, however, web code, & those same guidelines of XSS & CRF  apply. Cross-site scripting attacks permit session hijacking and gain access to other parts of the application.

  1. HTTPS Request & SSL Pinning

The attacker is able to inject an HTTP redirection response of 301 using a server controlled by an attacker. HTTPS is the best choice for all communications between the app & server. HTTPS secures all communications between server and client, and shields them from simple attacks from a man-in the-middle. On the client’s side, it is not necessary to do as developers, since the protocol TLS/SSL will be managed by the operating system.

In reality, iOS expects you to utilize HTTPS as a default feature. Thus, it is recommended to stay clear of HTTP connections to the maximum extent possible. We must ensure that we utilize the latest TLS version to make the most of the current encryption technique.

  1. Avoiding Caching HTTPS Responses

In the framework, NSURLSession for iOS, the default session configuration includes a cache policy. Therefore, it creates the Cache.DB file to store the information about request and response until it expires. Developers should utilize the SessionConfiguration. Removing shared caches as and whenever needed.

  1. Disabling Auto-Correction

For users who have sensitive input fields like passwords, credit card details,  you must disable auto-correction for the keyboard.

  1. Clear Pasteboard

After the application has entered the background, delete the pasteboard’s contents within AppDelegate. If you’re using an individual Pasteboard, replace the general pasteboard of your UIPasteboard with your customized pasteboard.

  1.  Detecting Screen Recording

Screens can be recorded with iOS features on the platform. The application cannot stop the recording of the screen. But, it can recognize an ongoing recording state and take the appropriate actions based on the requirement of the business.

For the best secured network in your iOS, look out to hire iOS app developers and employ the best iPhone app development company. With them, you will be fully secured.

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This blog discusses the security features of iOS and the methods used to continually identify and fix the security problems. Be sure you’re not leaking information and ensure that your iOS security is top of the line.

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