December 4, 2022


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WhastApp, Telegram And Snapchat - 3 Most Used Apps

3 Most Used Apps | WhastApp, Telegram And Snapchat

Top 3 Most Used Apps

Until a few years ago it was unthinkable to be able to communicate with everyone, but thanks to 3 most used apps like WhastApp, Telegram or Snapchat today it is possible. Technology and the Internet have revolutionized our lives and the way we interact with the world, thanks to instant messaging applications.

They offer many advantages, such as the possibility of interacting live with people from all over the world, regardless of the time zone or the country or continent where they reside. In addition, communication opportunities increase by being able to create groups of people and share all kinds of documents such as videos, photographs, text or PDF files , and so on.

You can also use them to make calls via the Internet and talk to anyone. However, there is a wide variety of these mobile apps on the market, due to their fame and ease of use. In this article we will pay special attention to the 3 most used apps: WhastApp, Telegram and SnapChat.

Whatsapp Messaging App

The messaging app owned by the owner of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, is the most used for the daily sending of more than 42,000 million messages. The 1.6 billion photos and 250 million videos shared have almost made WhatsApp retire to SMS.

The data show that it is the 3 most used apps compared to SnapChat and Telegram . The reason is very simple, its ease of use and its fame have crossed the generational boundaries. WhatsApp is straightforward and simple, and that is the great secret of its success.

Telegram, the direct competition of WhatsApp

The growth of this company owned by Pavel Durov, Russian businessman and founder, is unstoppable. Telegram is the direct competition of WhatsApp, but it is distinguished by the different protection measures it offers. For which online payment is more secure and effective.

The rivalry between WhatsApp and Telegram began two and a half years ago, when the Russian company was founded. From the beginning, the possibilities of Telegram surpassed WhatsApp, such as privacy, connection to the desktop of your computer, chats or, more recently, GIFs and bots, which WhatsApp has recently incorporated.

All of the above options make mobile app users who opt for Telegram young and like technology and the Internet . The reason is that, although it is easy to use, it is not as well known as WhatsApp, although it was always free. However, the price until recently of 0.86 cents of euros that had to be paid to install WhatsApp on your mobile phone, did not prevent him from becoming the leader of mobile messaging apps.

Whatsapp, Telegram Are Among 3 Most Used Apps

Unlike WhatsApp, the famous blue background application offers the possibility of creating three different types of groups: groups, supergroups and channels . The first group can have up to 200 participants, while the second group up to 5,000. The channels are open and unlimited participants . A clear example is the use of political parties, such as the United Left and Podemos, which use it as an informative tool to reach hundreds of thousands of supporters.

Since privacy and security are issues that seem to only concern young people, it is not surprising that the profile used by this mobile application is young. Telegram’s cool style triumphs especially among teenagers.

This is one of the most prominent differences regarding WhatsApp, which has recently changed its data policy and has decided to share your phone number with Facebook . However, it does not seem that this is a problem for WhatsApp, which seems to have the number of users insured and increasing every day. Instead, Telegram’s growth is slower and mainly outside our borders.

SnapChat, the most fun but the most difficult

This is the summary of this famous instant messaging application that has seen its users increase tremendously in recent months. And it is that the main attraction of this app is the possibility of sending photos and videos that self-destruct like the messages of James Bond . And is that the destruction of your messages, along with other possibilities such as making video calls, sending and receiving money through online payment between users. Creating your own story and content, make more than 100 million installed on your mobile.

Snapchat For Fun

The profile of this app is people under thirty, especially teenagers and university students. The reason for being SnapChat is fun, not in vain, its logo is a ghost that smiles. There are more reasons why many young people opt for SnapChat. As it does not have a multimedia gallery and you do not need a SIM card to complete the registration. Therefore, you can use it from other mobile devices such as a laptop or tablet.

You can complete the registration using Facebook data and decorate the photographs through filters, legends, masks and anything to surprise your partner, family or friends. However, unlike WhatsApp and Telegram, it lacks such useful options as sending your geographic location or GPS to find you. Nor can you share any type of document. However, telegram and WhatsApp do allow you all the above options.

Snapchat In 3 Most Used Apps

Another of the most notable differences between the 3 most popular mobile apps is the content you can share. In Telegram and WhatsApp there are hardly any differences. However, in SnapChat sharing and sending things is more restricted . It has similar things with respect to some social networks, such as Facebook for example.

You can make your own wall where all kinds of documents are registered. This option called “My Story” is similar to the Facebook wall. The difference is that in “My Story” the content is deleted after 24 hours. If you want to delete it before, it can also be done.

In the same way as on Facebook, you can choose to share the content with your friends and restrict the content to make it visible or private. The slogan of SnapChat is “Life is more fun when you live in the moment”.

It seems that the carpediem is the true reflection of this application, which erases almost everything you upload to it. It is not surprising that SnapChat’s usage profile is young people and under thirty who like technology and the Internet.

Difference Between 3 Most Popluar Android Apps

In short, each application is different. Telegram is the king of privacy and WhatsApp triumphs among the vast majority of people . On the other hand, SnapChat is a fun application that offers more original options than the other two.  It triumphs among young people, despite the difficulty of its use. Each one adapts to your needs.

Do you want to send encrypted messages and make use of online payment to make purchases? Then choose Telegram. Your thing is to communicate with everyone? Without a doubt, you need to install WhatsApp. On the other hand, are you a young person and you don’t separate a second from your mobile? Without a doubt, SnapChat is for you.