October 1, 2022


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What are Various Games To Teach Fractions In Classrooms?

Fractions may be challenging! While it takes time and overexposure for kids to truly learn fractions, there are many experiences and activities that we can give as instructors to help them progress! One such method that will be shared here is none other than a free multiple fraction calculator by calculator-online.net. Yes, gone are the days when converting fractions to decimals was used to be a daunting chore. With the help of this free tool, you can do it now within a blink of moments. 

We’ll share a couple of my top fraction tasks with you in this article!

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Cup of Fractions:

Place your pupils in couples to play this game. Give each couple a plastic cup filled with two-sided counters (the number of counters depends on the skills of your pupils). So that the fragments don’t fly everywhere, students gently shake the cup and carefully pour the contents out. The pupils are then asked to write two divisions to describe what they have seen. For instance, you can also teach them the use of the multiple fraction calculator to understand the scenario.

Consider the following scenario:

If there were seven counters overall and four of them fell on the yellow side, the fraction is 4/7. That means there would be 3/7 red counters facing up, for a total of 7/7 counters.


When teaching fractions, LEGOS or DUPLOS blocks are excellent visual aids. Although they can be costly, you may be able to borrow or obtain some from friends who have children who have passed them. Making use of the dividing fractions calculator can also assist you handle and divide these bloks equally.

If you just have a few, these can be used as a supervised math activity. Kids acquire practice constructing fractions as they build things if you ask them to show you particular fractions (like 1/3 or 2/5) This might be done as an entire class lesson if you have a lot of LEGOS.

Comparing Fractions Playing Cards:

This is a play for two people to play. Remove all of the face cards except the Aces, it will be used as ones, first. The cards are shuffled and placed face down by the students.

Each student selects two cards and arranges them with the numerator on the smaller card and the denominator on the bigger card. The common denominator is used to compare fractions. You can also understand the concept by letting to the free online multiple fraction calculator. 

After determining the bigger and smaller fractions, we have students use the More/Less Coin to select the winner. The winner retains the cards, and at the end of the game, the one with the most cards wins. In case you are not okay with it, try subtracting fractions calculator to minus the losers to get the stats about the winners.

Fraction Games and Task Cards:

Arithmetic job cards and games are one of my favourite ways to teach maths ideas. Kids like playing games, and I can focus on the precise ideas and criteria that need to be practised. If you’re seeking premade fraction task card sets, we have a couple that you might enjoy. Moreover, the multiple fraction calculator may also prove to be handy in this regard to understand the distribution of the play cards.

About Us in Fractions:

I prefer to begin this exercise by teaching the entire class. I ask children a variety of questions, and we use the responses to create fractions on our whiteboards. If there are 28 pupils, for example, and I question how many of them like popcorn, we may get a percentage like 27/28. You can also cross check this by using the best multiple fraction calculator in seconds.

Alternatively, I’ll inquire as to how many children have siblings, walk to school, play basketball, enjoy broccoli, and so on. We divide each one into fractions.